Fans Want To Know “What’s The Secret To Winning” At PCH?

When you want to know the answer to a burning question, what should you do? Go to the experts, of course!  In one of our latest HOWIE HELPS videos, we just may have the answer to a question that many of you are dying to know: What’s the secret to winning at Publishers Clearing House?

There may not be one magic answer to that question. All we can tell you is what we hear from people who have actually won — the experts! Here are some exciting clips with some words of advice that they shared with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on their lucky day!

The first winner you see is Tamar Howard. She won $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” just this year. She now lives a life of financial freedom, with $5,000 checks coming in every week for the rest of her life and after that, her chosen beneficiary will receive $5,000.00 checks every week for the rest of their life! She’s told us: “People ask if I did anything special to win. I tell them that I just kept entering and hoping.” And as you can see on this video, she says she kept entering “Every day — ten times a day!”

Next up is Rosemary Cella, who won $1 Million. She told us that she had been entering for about ten years, both online and in the mail. What’s her advice?  “Don’t give up the ship. Keep believing it, that someday it will happen … like it happened to us!”  And how important was entering for her? Like she says on the video: “You’ve got to do it! You’ve got to do it!”

What about James Walker, who won $1 Million? He says: “I play every night!” Let’s not forget Gerard Rivera, who won $1.25 Million. He says: “I play all the time. Every single day.” His daily PCH online experience certainly paid off big time!

When we surprised Yvonne Pollock at work with a Big Check for $10,000.00, her words of encouragement were: “I never listen to my husband who says, ‘Don’t do it, it’s a waste of time’. Keep doing it. Keep playing. I do. Every day I do!”

Are you starting to see what I see here? Looks like these winners all have one thing in common. They never gave up! Any timely entry, day or night, every day or any day and any way that you can, is the key to winning. And you can do this right now at to go for our HUGE $7,000.00 A Week For Life prize! But don’t stop there. Check out all of the entry opportunities at PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHFrontpage… the list goes on. And don’t forgot to send in any entries you get in the mail, too! Any one of those entries could be the one that makes your dreams come true!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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