Words from a Winner: Leroy Faulks

One of our favorite things at Publishers Clearing House is helping to change lives for the better! You see, before the Prize Patrol shows up, before the winning entry is selected, the winners have no idea that their life is about to change in the most amazing way!

LeRoy Faulks PCH Winner

One of our favorite stories of this comes from Leroy Faulks, who won our incredible Mega Prize. For those of you skeptics who think we never give away the big money, Leroy is just one of the winners we’ve had who can prove you wrong! Yes, he won $1 Million All At Once PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t call that BIG! And while he certainly has an extraordinary life right now, it wasn’t always that way!

“My life was normal, nothing special,” he says during our recent interview.

“We were enjoying our life. We were retired at the time, before I won. But since I got that good blessing from PCH, my life has changed a whole lot…A LOT! Like in the sense that we’re able to do much, much, MUCH more than before. We were comfortable before, but now we’re kind of set for life. We’re able to do more things not just for ourselves, but for our family members and charity.”

We asked him in what other ways his life has changed, and he came up with a good example – taking vacations!

“I like to go on cruises. Now I get to go twice a year instead of every two years! Now I don’t have to save up waiting to go…we just go! We just plan it and do it! This past May we went to the Caribbean and then this December we’re going on another one!”

We asked him if the people he meets on the cruises ever find out about his changed life.

Big PCH Winner Leroy Faulks

“Oh yes, people do find out. I tell them! My wife says I’m an advertisement for PCH! And everyone says it’s a nice story. Everywhere I go, people hear my story. And they all ask, ‘wow, it’s real?’ And we say, ‘yes, it is, we’re living proof!’”

Leroy went on to mention that he will sometimes play a slot machine in the ship’s casino, which prompted his wife to tell this funny story:

“Occasionally we like to go to the casino and play the penny machines. In fact, the day after we won, we got out of the house. We went to the local casino and spent the night. So Leroy was sitting there at this machine and he was playing 60 cents a game. I laughed and said, ‘here you are, a millionaire, and you’re playing a penny slot machine!’”

But Leroy doesn’t spend all of his money just on vacations. He is also very generous with his family and charities. “For our 35th anniversary, we had a big party. We had family, friends from out of town, coming over to celebrate with us. The party was on PCH! It was a wonderful evening. We also asked people to donate money to the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation in lieu of giving us presents.

“And of course, there are many other organizations we’re able to support. We’re able to bless many others. Each year, we like to pick a few, maybe someone who isn’t expecting it. A few years ago we read about a woman who was helping to feed the hungry. She had asked for a donation of an aluminum pan, but instead we showed up and gave her a check!

Leroy and his wife agree, this is the biggest change. That they’re able to give to those in need without even having to think about it anymore. They can just do it! And with seven grand children and eight great-grandchildren, we’re sure that the giving will continue from this generous winner!

Again, Leroy is living proof that we really do award BIG prizes here at Publishers Clearing House! But of course you loyal blog readers already know that. You also know that if you want your life to change, like Leroy’s did, then you’ve got to be IN IT TO WIN IT! Make sure you enter today, and everyday, at pch.com. Our Special Early Look prize event is coming up in just a few weeks, and it could be YOU who walks away with $7,000.00 A Week For Life!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – What’s one thing about your life right now that would change the most if you won the SuperPrize? Tell us in the comments below!

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