PCH Forever Prize Winner

Last Thursday night, the day before the February 27th award of our third “Forever” Prize, Tamar Howard discussed with one of her teenage daughters how she would act if the PCH Prize Patrol showed up at her door. They imagined different reactions but by bedtime had dismissed the discussion as a hopeless fantasy – never thinking that such a dream could possibly come true. But it did!

Forever Prize Winner

About 1 PM on Friday the Prize Patrol pulled up to Tamar’s cozy bungalow in the tiny town of Silas, Alabama, and honked the horn to announce our arrival. Tamar looked out the window, decided her bath could wait, and came running through the door. She was screaming and jumping and shaking, not exactly the performance she had contemplated the night before.

When we proclaimed her the winner of the “Forever” Prize (which translates to $5,000 a week for life and, after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone she chooses) there were more screams from Tamar and friends who had rushed to the scene. All of them had seen our presentations of roses, balloons and Big Checks on TV, but never expected to see them “around here!” When we handed Tamar a real check for $25,000 (to prove “We’re not kidding”) she shrieked and almost fainted.

A video of Tamar’s “winning moment” was soon posted on the internet and carried on local TV. Friends and relatives who saw it watched it over and over and cried every time.

Watch Tamar’s winning moment for yourself right now!

And be sure to check out the Mississippi Mornings news coverage of it, too!

In a phone conversation Sunday, Tamar said such a prize was an answer to prayer. She is sleeping soundly with “not many worries now.” The $25,000 is “untouched and in the bank.” She is a pre-nursing student and plans to continue her education. She now has the resources to send her daughters Alivia (16), Jada (15), and India (14) to college. Finally, she may buy a new house  in the Silas area, which she calls home.

Tamar Howard PCH Forever Prize Winner

So, you see: Dreams really do come true. The year 2015 is just beginning – and there are many more Big Checks to be awarded. If you take advantage of every opportunity to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes (like Tamar did) one of these checks could have your name on it!
Congratulations Tamar, and the best of luck to you all.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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