Publishers Clearing House Winner About To Be Revealed

The air is charged with excitement here at Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Headquarters in anticipation of today’s news. The August 13th winner of PCH Giveaway No. 1400 will be revealed tonight in a TV commercial announcement during the NBC Evening News with Brian Williams. Who will the lucky new millionaire be? In what zip code will the new PCH winner reside? The information is kept a secret until the announcement, and revealed only to a select few PCH’ers on a “need-to-know” basis.

The PCH Prize Patrol has been dispatched to an undisclosed location. Did they travel by plane or by car? Only a few of our co-workers have that information and they’re not talking … just grinning!

Another question many people have: Was the matching winning number returned? This is important because if it was returned by the deadline, Publishers Clearing House will award our first-ever PCH Wow $100,000.00 A Week For A Year $5.2 Million Fast Payout SuperPrize. On the other hand, if the matching winning number was not returned by the deadline, PCH will have conducted a second chance drawing to award a $1 Million prize to one lucky timely entrant. So, PCH’ers are wondering, will the next Publishers Clearing House winner receive $100,000 A Week For A Year or $1 Million? For sure, our Controller knows. He’s the guy that works out the finances for prize payments. Hey Michael, is it $100,000 A Week For A Year or $1,000,000.00? No response – you know those financial types, very confidential. Either way, it’s a huge chunk of change, and some stunned PCH contest entrant is about to receive the surprise of a lifetime when the Prize Patrol shows up on his or her doorstep with video cameras rolling to film the big sweepstakes winning moment.

In the 30 years I have worked at Publishers Clearing House, I have witnessed countless prize drawings in our famous contests and sweepstakes and met many of the big winners. It’s unique and exciting every time. We PCH’ers get that “little kids on Christmas Eve” feeling, looking forward to the wonderful surprises about to be revealed. We will watch the Publishers Clearing House winnerannouncement on TV and go online to watch the sweepstakes winning moment on We hope you’ll do the same.

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House (a.k.a.PCH)

215 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Winner About To Be Revealed”

  1. rodwan albush says:

    when winner giveaway 1400 of 2010??
    i have superprize number for 2010

  2. Kim Weeks says:

    Kimberly Weeks Forever Ty140, 1Million A Year For Life

  3. carolinejinks says:

    PCH I am not trying to be funny but why are there no winners names on any of your blogs and winner selection list because I searched to see if there was any names that have won a big prize on PCH blog or winner selection list but I didn’t see not one name because if this person name Desiree won her name should have been somewhere on one of your blogs or winner selection list and if they have been entering along with the others like me I see my name a lot and I also see other names a lot but not the ones who have won why?

  4. Kim Weeks says:


  5. Stacy Hicks says:

    I hope that the winner will use a portion of ney to help the comrherhecomunity, , nonprofit organizations, and other charitable groups/people in need. I know if I were to ever win that would be one of the most important things for myself to do with a portion of the money. Good Luck and congradulations to the lucky and bleased winner. Spend wisely :-)

  6. Carla says:

    I always register to win! One day I lnow it will happen! I will continue to entef until that day comes. Thanks PCH for making peoples dreams come true! U are the one sweepstakes i believe is honest & true!

  7. Eri Jamal harris says:

    I don’t like aliens nor medussas with machine or a persons head chopped off in 1981 and that women isn’t god at all or man god is coming with the lamb A boy by her side..the devil Satan as Mary spoke of her betrayal Satan walks in front behind and around us… is the key to his happy ness will someone esle for the first time win over evil…

  8. Eri Jamal harris says:

    Does pch understand meanings of work to pay bills.without money you will go thin.hand outs aren’t common around dream started at 10 but my travels aren’t over.I’m not a speaker but gracefully may the best individual win…we all KBO there’s people in ya satilite.

  9. Hello Lucky Winner Carla Michelle Antee

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