Watch TV Tonight!

Tonight there’s lots of “must see TV” for you folks who enjoy The PCH Blog.

Start off with The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. (6:30 or 5:30 PM for most viewers, but check your local listings.) In a Publishers Clearing House commercial, the name of our brand new SuperPrize winner will be announced.

The PCH Prize Patrol will be at the new millionaire’s home and will beam winning moment footage via satellite to where you will be able to see all the excitement. Will the winner faint? cry? shout? hug us? make a speech? be mute? be home? Who knows! Talk about “reality TV” — we’ve seen it all. And tonight at you can see it all too.

At 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central, switch over to The Learning Channel for their great series, “The Lottery Changed My Life.” That show will feature our recent “$5,000 A Week for Life” Publishers Clearing House winner, Doris Gray, a beloved school teacher from New Jersey. I am sure that you will be touched by her story. And you will no doubt be motivated to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

And it’s so easy to enter the PCH contest online – at, PCH Search & Win, or PCH online games such as PCH Lotto, PCH Games or PCH Scratch Cards. Did you know that more and more of our PCH contest winners are coming from online sweepstakes entries?

Happy viewing! And good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Oh and Mr Sayer please prove me wrong because I am starting to think that y’all are to afraid to come to Alliance Nebraska plus I’m starting to think that y’all are a Hoke’s please prove me wrong thank you

  2. Blog PCH I will definitely NBC Nightly News… Numbers play tonight 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 please play please them in the megaprize power prize drawing file for this week drawing

  3. Two for tuesday. Would be so wonderful to win the 50,000.00 cash thanks so much pch please enter me 2xs to win.

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