Dancing with the PCH Prize Patrol

While it’s undoubtedly true that you’ve seen Todd, Eve and me — the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol — on TV countless times, we are not “stars” in the way that many of your favorite TV personalities are. But that doesn’t stop folks we meet on the road and at PCH winners’ homes from getting just as excited as if we were big TV “stars.”

Indeed the lucky persons to whom we present roses, balloons and Big Checks (as seen on TV) are so overjoyed that they have been known to start dancing. Not partnering with us PCH Prize Patrol members of course – although Eve has enough style and dancing experience to easily impress the judges on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” Nonetheless, some Publishers Clearing House winners have performed some outstanding solos.

A number of years ago we presented Billy Nation of Amarillo, Texas with a $10,000 cash sweepstakes prize as he dined with his sister and a friend in a restaurant. At the last minute we decided to approach him as if we were restaurant waiters and substituted a platter-full of cash for the Big Check. He was so astounded he put down his drink, jumped up and started a lively soft shoe – to the delight of the other diners.

In Bethel, Alaska, Jennie Dacey was so thrilled with the good news of her winning that she broke into a native Alaskan dance reserved for special celebrations. The crowd around her applauded with gusto.

Then there’s the “Jump for Joy” dance that numerous PCH winners have performed. It seems to be an instinctive reaction to the news that we bring: “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

I bet YOU would feel like a “dancing star” if you won! So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!!

Enter the contest and you could be one of the 101 Winners we will surprise just weeks from now — with Big Checks of $10,000 each! You could even win $1 Million! We are dispatching PCH Prize Patrol teams to 101 towns and cities across the USA – so the chances are better than ever that we could be coming to where you live. To find out if we are coming your direction, simply go to pch.com and type in your zip code.

Dust off your dancing shoes, and good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


4 thoughts on “Dancing with the PCH Prize Patrol”

  1. Dorothy Stone says:

    I lost my job a year ago and
    can’t find one in my field.
    I can really use this money,
    because I am running out of
    money !!!

  2. useme gail B says:

    Well put on those dancing shoes and come over here I want to win the suv come on please drive that ford escape here u don’t have to go far they build fords here too. I really really really want to win that SUV PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Need i say more.

  3. useme gail B says:

    I am so hoping i can dance with u like dancing with the stars and u guys r the stars.

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