Are the Publishers Clearing House Winners Real?

Many of our Publishers Clearing House winners tell me that they wake up the morning after their sweepstakes winning moments and say to themselves, “Did that really happen? Was the PCH Prize Patrol real and did they knock on my door and give me that Big Check? Or was it a dream?” Then they get out of bed, pad into the living room and, yep, the Big Check is still there; the red roses still look gorgeous — although the balloons are starting to look a bit wilted. Hallelujah! It wasn’t a dream! It really happened!

Last week our PCH Prize Patrol had the pleasure of surprising three winners: Renae Novak in Minnesota ($10,000), Jelaine Jaeb in Texas ($10,000) and Stephanie Gornichec in Idaho (our newest $1 Million SuperPrize). When I spoke to them on the phone a few days later, some told me they had the same “morning after” sensation and had to pinch themselves to make sure that their winning had not been a dream.

Renae told me that when her grandsons walked in and saw the Big Check from Publishers Clearing House sitting on the chair, they immediately got on the phone: “Guess what Grandma got!” they cried. Later, Renae and her family and friends went out for a “really fine” dinner; she bought a new couch and started looking at new cars. “It’s been just wonderful!” she said.

Except for her dog and cat (mentioned in another PCH blog), Jelaine (also known as Jill) was at home alone when her “winning moment” took place. As thrilling as it was, she kept the good news to herself, but decided to share the roses with family later that evening — without explanation. The next morning, however, somehow the “good news” was out that she had won $10,000 from PCH. Friends and relatives expressed good wishes and amazement. “You mean the Publishers Clearing House winners are for REAL?” some asked. Jill was able to assure them that the sweepstakes is legitimate and she had the “real check” as well as the ceremonial Big Check in hand. Two days later she told me “I still haven’t come down off the cloud!”

Understandably, Stephanie woke up very early the “morning after.” (Well, how would you sleep after being handed a Big Check awarding you $1 Million?) She says the local media attention generated a tremendous outpouring of congratulations from friends as well as strangers who were thrilled to see that real people really win. A $25,000 check the Gornichecs already received was quickly deposited in their almost bankrupt bank account, and their fears of losing the house they dearly love are now history.

If all of this sounds like dreams coming true, you’re right. After all, with a dream sweepstakes like this, no wonder Publishers Clearing House is “the house where dreams come true.”

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Sweet dreams!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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