Will the Prize Patrol Come to My Zip Code?

In a few weeks over 30 teams of Prize Patrol deputies will criss-cross the country to deliver roses, balloons AND BIG CHECKS of at least $10,000.00 to 101 winners. One of them could be you!

To find out if the PCH Prize Patrol will come to your area, go to pch.com, then type in your zip code and find out instantly if a Prize Patrol van will be heading your way.

You could even win $10,000.00, or even $1,000,000.00!

With 101 new places to go, the Prize Patrol could be visiting your area sooner than you might think!

The most important thing is: enter the PCH Sweepstakes. You MUST enter to win!

Good Luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House

60 thoughts on “Will the Prize Patrol Come to My Zip Code?”

  1. Carmen parham says:

    Will you be coming to zip code 30337

  2. mary watson says:

    pch it would be a blessing to me, if the zip code that you bring be mines 38111 i will be very surprised to see pch pull up in my driveway, i be too blessed. so im be looking forward to seeing you guy. come on to 38111 zip code!!!!!!

  3. Lucille Tsosie says:

    PCH you are so welcome to this zip code area 80030. Thank you :)

  4. Hello Mrs. Holland I AM Here to Confirm My Zip Code 22032 $1,000.00 Cash Prize in the Washington TV.Area as Part of and Pursuant to Publisher Clearing House GWY NO.5035 and thank you I Am Looking Forward to be the Winner on June 30th Could Win $2,000,000.00 Up Front,Plus $10,000.00 A Month for life and A Brand New Lincoln MKZ Valued At.Over $37,000.00 in the Special Early Look Prize Event from PCH Nationwide Giveaway NO.4900
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

  5. 5035 and zip code 71446

  6. Suzanne Johnson says:

    It’s been a fun time regardless if you win a major prize.

  7. Eula Lee Regan says:

    Hope it is 32966

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