What is a TV Area?

Contestants who receive Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes mailings and e-mails telling them the PCH Prize Patrol could soon be delivering Big Checks to their TV area may want to know what a “TV area” is. TV areas are defined by Nielsen Media Research, the same company that measures the size of viewing audiences for TV shows. The largest share of TV viewing in every county in the U.S. can be attributed to stations in a particular TV area. As an illustration, most of the TV viewing in Sarasota County, Florida can be traced to stations broadcasting out of Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida; therefore, anyone who lives in Sarasota County, Florida, resides in the “Tampa Bay TV area.”

You live in a “TV area”. Most likely your TV area is named for the largest metropolitan area near you.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes (a.k.a. PCH) will be sending Prize Patrol teams to 101 TV areas – areas which account for the vast majority of Americans.

To find out if the PCH Prize Patrol is coming to your TV area to award a prize, go to pch.com and type in your zip code.

Then, enter the PCH Sweepstakes because you could win one of our 101 Big $10,000 Checks! You could even win our $1 Million SuperPrize!

Good Luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


51 thoughts on “What is a TV Area?”

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