What if the PCH Winner Isn’t Home?

People often ask what happens if the winner isn’t home when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives for the sweepstakes winning moment?

The answer is the Prize Patrol will find a way to award the cash sweepstakes prize to the Publishers Clearing House winner. Sometimes we’ll find out where the winner is and travel to that location to make the surprise prize award. Many a prize has been awarded at a winner’s workplace or a relative’s house nearby. Once we even awarded a prize on an airplane to a PCH winner who was headed out on vacation! Other times, we may leave the prize at the winner’s home with a trusted relative, or, if all else fails, we will mail the prize check.

Here’s an email sent from the road to the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes headquarters from Dave Sayer, Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol. He’s reporting on a prize delivery for a contest winner who wasn’t home when they arrived.

“The $10,000 Labor Day prize was delivered on Sunday to the home of Jane Kennedy in San Diego. Her husband Larry accepted the prize — as Jane was in Arizona visiting her mother. Larry … had … a good reaction, a good usable “Outstanding!” for TV commercial punctuation. We talked to Jane on the phone and she was very excited.”

Well done, Dave! Even though the PCH prize winner wasn’t home, she will still get her prize. Plus, we will have an excited winning reaction from her husband to be seen on TV!

PCH Zip Deborah Holland

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

21 thoughts on “What if the PCH Winner Isn’t Home?”

  1. eric says:

    I win 🏆 wives and pch owes me money 💵

  2. Find me the Area of Natchitoches LA

  3. Jennifer says:

    If my mom & dad were to accept on my behalf, that would be THE most perfect scenario EVER! Plus, they’d HAVE to admit that going online to enter really DOES work!!

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  5. Stephen Chapman says:

    I am almost always at work. Your team showing up there would be the ultimate retirement scenario.

  6. hi i hpoe it is me thanks pch

  7. Michael Cote says:

    After trying for over 28 years, it definitely would be a miracle to even win one of the smaller prizes and a bigger miracle for the big one !! Being now officially retired, the wife and I certainly could use it !! Wish me luck PCH.

  8. Johnny Mayfield says:

    I hoping that get a prize in to win is in your hands
    I give all glory to God our Lord Jesus Christ

  9. Gail Timm says:

    It would really surprise me if the PCH Prize Patrol comes to my door. In another month I will be moving to new residents, hope that you will find me there! I hope & pray that it will be soon.

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