Who Won the PCH Labor Day Prize?

Labor Day weekend might have provided a “day off” for some workers, but not for the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. There was work to be done – specifically presenting a Big Check for $10,000.00 to a lucky California woman.

This award involved a trans-continental flight from the East Coast to the West Coast. Little did we know that we would be flying directly over the place where our new Publishers Clearing House winner, Jane Kennedy, was spending the holiday weekend with her mother – in Arizona. So when we knocked on the door of the Kennedys’ Southern California home, Jane wasn’t there; neither were her teenage son and daughter who had gone with their mom to visit Grandmother. Luckily, husband Larry was home to accept the cash sweepstakes prize award on Jane’s behalf.

“Let me make myself presentable!” a startled Larry said as he saw the roses, balloons, Big Check and video cameraman through the screen door. Seconds later, he was back within camera range, and I asked “Where’s Jane?”

“She’s away,” he announced – displaying some nervousness that the actual sweepstakes winning moment he had seen numerous times on TV would now vanish before his eyes.

“Well, I have good news for her,” I said and turned the Big Check toward Larry so he could see what we were bringing.

“OUTSTANDING!” Larry gasped.

PCH Winner Kennedy 1

A minute later Jane was reached by telephone and learned that her recent online sweepstakes entry via pch.com had made her a winner. “I can’t believe this!” she said. “Things like this never happen to me!”

Reached by phone again two days later, Jane was still elated. “You’ve no idea what a blessing this is!” she said. “My daughter wanted a new pair of shoes – but now maybe two pairs!”

Jane regretted not meeting the PCH Prize Patrol in person. “Well, we’ll be back in your area again this fall,” I told her – referring to our imminent Prize Patrol Blitz in which we will be awarding 101 prizes to 101 Winners in 101 zip codes all across the USA – prizes that could mean another $10,000 or maybe even $1 Million in the Kennedy bank account if they enter and win again. “Well, even if we don’t win again, please stop by!” said Jane graciously.

With 101 new places to go, the chances of a Prize Patrol visit to YOUR area are better than you might think. To find out if we are coming to your neck of the woods, visit pch.com, type in your zip code and find out instantly if a PCH Prize Patrol van will be heading your way. Then ENTER the contest. You MUST fill out a contest entry to play the sweepstakes and win!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


3 thoughts on “Who Won the PCH Labor Day Prize?”

  1. ntirampeba says:

    I can’t wait to win on this coming labor day

  2. Rachelle Gotchall says:

    never giving up hope. God is I in our home even though a really rough time for us. God will save us. go pch

  3. useme gblock says:

    how nice please don’t pick me today for a search and win i don’t have a car to use the gas card.

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