What is a Prize Patrol Blitz?

In a Prize Patrol Blitz the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol awards 101 prizes to winners in 101 zip codes across the USA. The sweepstakes prizes are awarded in a 2-3 day timeframe. This is accomplished by training over 30 teams of Publishers Clearing House employees to become Prize Patrol Deputies.

The training program is called Prize Patrol Boot Camp and it is conducted on the premises of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes headquarters in Port Washington, NY. Dave Sayer, Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol and Todd Sloane, Senior Vice President, are in charge of running the boot camp training program.

13 thoughts on “What is a Prize Patrol Blitz?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Phillip bell says:

    I’ve been following publisher clearing house for years and never won .there’s always hope without hope there’s nothing. I could help so many people families and friends.
    thanks for the chance.

  3. stan offill says:

    Ive been following pch por over ten years, ive purchased a lot nice items.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Stan, we so appreciate your loyalty – but please remember that you are never under any obligation to purchase anything :)

  4. Very god win in the pch.com and today very point how this win working realy in the life. At moment I thing it”s dosen”t work.
    But pagepch.com very god.

  5. Kimber Lindeman says:

    Just received a letter from PCH asking for $5.00 to process something and had to be sent by OCT 5. Looked like your MO.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Kimber,

      To better assist you with this situation, we ask that you please contact us using our Ask Us page found here: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask. When you write to us, please include as many details as you can about the letter you’ve received.

      Thank you,
      Victoria At PCH

  6. In May 2009, Beverly Jones, from Ogden, UT won $1,000.00.

    1. Please Deborah Holland, look at this link, i too have received emails to me, i did a google search on your image,
      this is the link,
      please look at it, it says that your image
      Image size:
      125 × 160
      No other sizes of this image found.
      Search Results
      Pages that include matching images
      has About 137 results (0.25 seconds).


      @!!!!!!! i really don’t think all those are of you, please fix, because that is just one image i had found, i do not know of all of the PCH.com profile photos have been used without permission, or stolen so that they can be used for scamming purposes,
      Blessings To You All, And Merry Christmas. :-)

  7. christie says:

    Do you every come to Utah?

  8. The phone call you described was not from Publishers Clearing House. Publishers Clearing House does not call people to solicit sweepstakes entries, tell people they won or sell magazines.
    There is no purchase or fee necessary to enter or win in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes or any other legitimate sweepstakes. Please beware that there are some fraudulent operators that call people, pretend they won a prize, and then con them into sending money for “prepayment of taxes” or some other fake reason. These offers are not legitimate. You should never send money to collect prize winnings.
    Posted by Deborah Holland
    Executive Vice President
    Publishers Clearing House

  9. sharon milkey says:

    i received a phone call today stating i had won a lot of money from pch and the bank of america and would be deliverd today at noon by fedx but i needed to pay fedx $400.00 t to fedx this morning.sounds like a sc
    am.please commet on this!

  10. Mary Anderson says:

    I have been playing pch for a very long time hoping somethig good will finally happen but just keep getting disapointed every time I play. It says that someone from florence/myrtle beach location with my initials will definetly be a winner and nothing ever happens. why do they keep getting peoples hopes up. I was truley hoping for a real thing but I guess it’s really not true.
    Mary From Florence SC

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