Should I Stay Home to Wait for the Prize Patrol?

Go to work – even if you think the PCH Prize Patrol might be coming!

Occasionally we get a phone call from someone who knows that the PCH Prize Patrol plans to award a SuperPrize on a certain date. The question is asked: “Should I stay home from work – just in case you come to my door?”

“Absolutely not!” we tell the caller. “If you are the Publishers Clearing House winner, we will find you wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about our awarding the Big Check to someone else. If you are the winner, you — and only you — will get the prize.”

And that’s the truth!

If the winner isn’t home, neighbors or nearby relatives can usually tell us where the winner can be found.

While we love knocking on doors and “knocking the socks off” winners right where they live, we love going to workplaces too. The surprise and joy of a sweepstakes winning moment spreads like wildfire throughout the office or shop or factory, and co-workers come running. They are often just as stunned as the winner and provide video sound-bites that show up in our TV commercials. The winner might stand there speechless while a “prizewitness” says something like, “I thought it was a gimmick! Now I’m gonna send that sucker in!”

So enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes with confidence, knowing that if you win, you need not stay home from work as an award date approaches. We will find you and give you a winning moment you’ll never forget.

I can tell you right now that November 11 could be a prize-winning day for you. We will be on a Prize Patrol Blitz during which we will award cash sweepstakes prizes to 101 Winners in 101 zip codes across the USA.

To find out if we are coming to your area, click here on this link to, then type in your zip code and find out instantly if a Prize Patrol van will be heading your way. Then enter the PCH contest.

By the way, let us know if you would like to be surprised at work and how you think people would react!

We wish you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


18 thoughts on “Should I Stay Home to Wait for the Prize Patrol?”

  1. Bree May says:

    If by chance I won. I’d donate a lot to all cancer research and march of dimes. I’d get a fund going for my unborn child, for financial assistance in the future. And the pregnancy crisis shelters for single parents and couples. Also to donate good and clothes to the local food pantries. There are so many people in need. And I can’t keep a life time of winnings like this to my husbands, and myself.

  2. Branden rankin says:

    If I could win I would help my dad my mom and my sister out there are the most delivering people I know that need my help would he’ll my hole family out they are I need of it and they really deserve it w I th out them I wouldn’t be here today

  3. mork says:

    if i win i will get a naked maid to clean my house. LOL ! ! !

  4. Maria Dupree says:

    I am Praying every day, please come to my door I would love to be able give my mom the dream home she’s always wanted, and let my sons know they will be financially secure. Good luck to you all and god bless.

  5. Sherrica Johnson says:

    Won’t be hard finding me I’m always at home lol

  6. Stephanie Jones says:

    I want to win so bad!!! I work all day Monday through Friday. From 9 to 5. Thank in advance if Im the winner!

  7. Frist I win prize patrol then I I move out thank u and smile but I pray the god I want to win. Still pray the god come my home knock thedoorsuprise for me thank u smile the god blessfor pch

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