The PCH $10 Million Dream Sweepstakes

What do you dream of doing if you won the $10 Million SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House? We asked some folks and here’s what they said.

“If I won I would first make sure all my debts were paid and then I’d give some money to everyone in my immediate family to help them out. I would then take some time off work and go visit friends and family all over the U.S., and travel to a few countries that I have always wanted to go to. Finally, I would buy a house and a new car and save some money for the future.”

– Susan M.

“I would take a yoga retreat for one to two months. I’d buy a second home and start preparing for retirement.”

– Cookie V.

“I would start a foundation that helps people who are really in need. I would also go on vacations and enjoy all of Mother Nature’s blessings!”

– Constantinos M.

“I’d give to the following:

$150,000 to disabled veterans

$250,000 to local animal shelters

$250,000 to the local Children’s Hospital to make the children’s stay nicer – toys, games, books and a parents’ comfort zone

$250,000 to fund research for diabetes, multiple sclerosis and breast cancer

$100,000 to the police widows’ fund

Plus, I would start building our home in North Carolina and then pay my parents’, brothers’ and sister’s mortgages off. I would set up college funds for my children, niece and nephew. Then I’d take my family and friends on a vacation, because we all deserve a little fun! If there’s any left over, I’d really like to have someone come in and clean once a month!”

– Jacquie R.

Tell us your Ten Million Dollar Sweepstakes Dream! Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and maybe it will come true!

Good Luck!

Brenna S.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

2,688 thoughts on “The PCH $10 Million Dream Sweepstakes”

  1. Kelly Atteberry says:

    I could use some of it to help my mom who has cancer! I’m a moms girl and she is all I have left and I’d like to help her stay with me for as long as I can!

  2. Myrtice Denson says:

    PCH $10 Million Super Prize Sweepstakes entry me I very much want to win I confirm my entry thank

  3. Natalya says:

    Hope to see you one day. Thank you PCH

  4. Fatima Foca says:

    I am mom for 9kids I pray to win $ pch

  5. Jacqulin Jordan says:

    Just hope and pray I can win

  6. Loraine McDaniel says:

    Hi PCH……. Well i normally dont like to tell much about my life, but just like everyone else here it would mean the world to me to win.. I was born in a big family of TEN kids. My mother is the Rock of the Family…Love her to the moon and back.. Honestly I would thank God for his wonderful blessings, i would pay my tithe and help my church, i would help my mother with her house, she wishes to stay in her home so i would help renovate her home. Then i would invest and save maybe get a good sturdy home of our own. Then i would just Live and do things i normally wouldnt afford to do. Never had a Pedi nor a Mani so i think me and my daughter would enjoy that :). Maybe i could go to a beautician and finally get my har done professionally ha ha :)…

    God Bless Yall and whoever reads this post…

  7. cynthia eady says:

    To win that kind of money would be a dream come true ,my husband has to retire this Sept30 ,2016. He put 221/2 years in the US Army and then worked for the WTB (warrior trans battalion) at Fort Knox, Ky. That money could help us help our 4 children and their families and make life for my husband and me a lot easier ,it would ease my husband’s mind on taking care of us now that we’ve gotten older . Of course we would donate some to the church and American cancer .

  8. Bobbie Summers says:

    Hello PCH, My husband, family and I would love to meet the Prize Patrol Elite Team at our front door with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big check. We all need a vacation that is years overdue! I would love to buy a 5 bedroom home for my family and I with the financial security that would come with being a Super Sweepstakes Winner! #DREAMBIG

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