The PCH $10 Million Dream Sweepstakes

What do you dream of doing if you won the $10 Million SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House? We asked some folks and here’s what they said.

“If I won I would first make sure all my debts were paid and then I’d give some money to everyone in my immediate family to help them out. I would then take some time off work and go visit friends and family all over the U.S., and travel to a few countries that I have always wanted to go to. Finally, I would buy a house and a new car and save some money for the future.”

– Susan M.

“I would take a yoga retreat for one to two months. I’d buy a second home and start preparing for retirement.”

– Cookie V.

“I would start a foundation that helps people who are really in need. I would also go on vacations and enjoy all of Mother Nature’s blessings!”

– Constantinos M.

“I’d give to the following:

$150,000 to disabled veterans

$250,000 to local animal shelters

$250,000 to the local Children’s Hospital to make the children’s stay nicer – toys, games, books and a parents’ comfort zone

$250,000 to fund research for diabetes, multiple sclerosis and breast cancer

$100,000 to the police widows’ fund

Plus, I would start building our home in North Carolina and then pay my parents’, brothers’ and sister’s mortgages off. I would set up college funds for my children, niece and nephew. Then I’d take my family and friends on a vacation, because we all deserve a little fun! If there’s any left over, I’d really like to have someone come in and clean once a month!”

– Jacquie R.

Tell us your Ten Million Dollar Sweepstakes Dream! Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and maybe it will come true!

Good Luck!

Brenna S.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

2,707 thoughts on “The PCH $10 Million Dream Sweepstakes”

  1. Traylor Morgan says:

    I received an opportunity not only in it for the ten-million-dollar price for 6900 but also the 25000 under number 47 49

  2. BOBBIE HEROLD says:


  3. Debra Betties says:

    I will buy me a home, car take of my mother, kids ,give to my church, homeless, give to help with cancer, McDonald House for kid an family put some money into the community,

  4. Shelley stubblefield says:

    I want my ten million in a lump sum plan b . And Aug 31 2016 forever prize 6900#4950 5000.00 wk for life for me and benificary I picked to follow payments

  5. My stress level is a little higher than normal due to overlapping task. Hyper tension is a problem with I.T. Winning with a little help goes a long way.

    Cully My initials are CG

  6. Fred Haut says:

    Boo good afternoon everybody I’m inquiring about that summer quite large sum of money that is I’ll give away I wonder if you still available and if possible could you bring it by my house so I might have a look at it to see if I’m real interested you know you can’t buy a car without a test drive so at least I can look at it I would really appreciate that you know how today’s times are you hear this you hear that you don’t know what’s true and what’s not true so I would actually like to see it here so you know I can’t touch it and get a good just take a good look at it I want to see my name on the cover got to take five pictures for my mother I want to see my smiling face I want to PCH commercial look forward to seeing you soon Fred h

  7. Thank you for including me for the PCH “Forever” Gwy #6900 on August 31st. I hope I win. My brother and I are disabled and it would make life so much easier. Ten Million Dollar Sweepstakes Dream would ensure that I can have a home built for us and sustain us and my for the rest of our lives. Thank you again. 🙂

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