Publishers Clearing House Wants to Know What You Would Do With Your “Peace Prize”?

The Nobel Peace Prize is in all the news these days … and any time the word PRIZE creates so much media attention and consumer buzz, I can’t help but think of the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize – and who the next winner of that breathtaking honor will be.

Will it be a struggling laborer in Indiana? A teacher in Tennessee? An out-of-work manager in Massachusetts? An artist in Arkansas? Or even Michelle Obama in Washington? I have no idea. In fact nobody at Publishers Clearing House knows who will win – or where the next PCH winning moment will occur.

But what I do know is this: You can’t win if you don’t enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

And here’s something else for you to consider: More and more of our cash sweepstakes winners – including winners of our Million Dollars-and-up SuperPrizes – are sending in an online sweepstakes entry at, just like you can.

If you enter by October 26, you could win $1 Million! True, it’s not $1.4 Million like the Nobel Peace Prize; but I’m positive that it would bring a lot of peace to those nights when you toss and turn about the bills to be paid and the cost of raising kids and the price of insurance and “When can I get rid of this ‘clunker’ that is supposed to be a car?”

So what are you waiting for? Simply click here to enter the PCH Sweepstakes online! And enter often — every day if you want – and improve your chances of winning.


Dave Sayer

Executive Director


40 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Wants to Know What You Would Do With Your “Peace Prize”?”

  1. Jonathan Jones says:

    It would be a true blessing 2 take care of family friends and all the people that we all reach two of my fraternities. Being able to mentor without the stress of day to day living, working because I want to work not because I have to work. Being a true blessing to others.

  2. jeff petree says:

    Tomorrow could be the day, pch may 30th 2014 $10,000.00 winner. Nice time for a vacation etc.

  3. jeff petree says:


  4. jeff petree says:

    pch you made a mistake saying ive been with you since 2011? Its been longer then that.Just to let you know. p.s. I’D PAY OFF ALL MY BILLS FIRST OFF, Can A BIG CHECK FROM PCH GET ME OUTTA DEBT ? “ITS MAY1ST 2014 TODAY AND IM STAYING POSITIVE”.

  5. jeff petree says:

    April 30th 2014 My PEACE PRIZE PCH ? I’LL be home ready for the rich life.

  6. Jeff Petree says:

    I now live in Monroe, Mi, I want to win 2014 !

  7. Joyce Strome says:

    If I was to win that money for that dream home I would buy me some land and have me that home built and have it furnished I would just be so happy I would call all my friends and tell them to come over and look at it I have nevery had anything that nice but I want it so bad. but if I don’t get it I just want guess I will go to my grave wanting that house J-S.

  8. TAMYRA P says:

    I’ve just come from a site. And I’m shock on what I seen. A lawsuit against pch. I didn’t read much of the letter but I hoping what I read is not true. I hope pch is good to it’s word. I’ve always been hoping they come to my door one day and change my life. Because right now at this point I could use a change. Pch I truly believe you are as hopeful with everyones dreams and honest with the payouts. Every other site I’ve seen on how people are happy to see Dave and that big check that the site I just came from. Is someone trying to destroy use. With the way things are going today people need some kind of hope. So Pch I putting all my eggs with you and you are true to your word. My driveway is still waiting for that van and Dave that one day you will come up North. Thanks for these contest because dreams do come true.

  9. Vivian Mary Graciolett says:

    My name is Vivian Mary Graciolett, and I know I am the PCH Winner. What would I do with all that money? give donations to the childrens hospital, research for the cure of cancer, tuition for all my grands, and live well & comfortable. help my family to a degree. And move into my dream home, brand new cars paid in full for my family. Thank you PCH!

  10. Mary Ann Ruiz says:

    I have promised God to do with this money whatever he decides. So I don’t know what His “plans” are!!

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