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How Does the PCH Prize Patrol Find its Way?

Twenty years ago when we started delivering big cash sweepstakes prizes in person to Publishers Clearing House winners, we didn’t have Mapquest and Google Earth and Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) to guide us to winners’ homes. We did it the old fashioned way: with local maps or by asking natives or gas station attendants “Where’s East Sycamore Street?”

We were adventurers. I followed in the footsteps of my father who used to take the family on Sunday drives without a map. Dad trusted he’d find the way to some scenic spot somehow, and I inherited that same attitude. Just as my mother used to say to Dad on those excursions, “Donald, do you really know where we’re going?” my increasingly nervous Prize Patrol colleagues would ask me – somewhere in the wilds of West Virginia – “Dave, do you really know where you are going?” I’d answer with conviction and a hint of indignation, “Absolutely: it’s just over that ridge.”

I adjust slowly. It took me years to adopt a cell phone, and it took me a long time to give in to the convenience of GPS and the other modern marvels. But now I love them and wonder how we did without them. They save time, gas, money, distress. And the lucky winners get their prize money faster!

And these days, getting prize money FAST is of the essence! Who couldn’t use some instant cash?

At PCH you can win fast. Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online or through the mail, now and as often as you can – maybe you’ll be our next big winner.

We’re ready to deliver — FAST!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


204 thoughts on “Win Fast Cash Sweepstakes Prizes at PCH”

  1. wish i could win to get a car cant make ddr appt unless someone can take me

  2. Constance Jermanski says:

    show me the money pch

  3. linda moore says:

    show me the money,love u pch

  4. Jayne Rule says:

    We all look for that Silver Lining. Who doesn’t want to have more CASH I do. Some people
    are more lucky than others I guess but I keep trying at least we are helping out the postal service.

  5. Sandy Howell says:

    I love the items I have purchased!! Thanks for offering items that you don’t always see in stores. I recently had vascular by pass surgery and surly could use some cash to pay my many medical bills. Thanks PCH for entering me in your sweepstakes.

  6. James Nault says:

    After 41 years placeing orders and trying to win some type of reward i find my self in my waining years still with a determed will to win. I estemate i send close to 400 responses a year but in return I do recieve products that i ordered and use every day.PCH has products that i use and want that i dont see offered any other place.Selectively i order things i want or need and still have the opportunity to win at the same time. Who ELSE OFERS YOU THAT OPPORTUNITY,FOR THAT MUCH MONEY? AND THE BEST PART IS YOU DONT HAVE TO ORDER TO WIN.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi James! Just so you know, you NEVER, ever have to purchase anything to play, enter or win with PCH…and buying something does not increase your chances of winning :) Thank you so much for your loyalty :)

  7. lois burks says:

    i could help soooo many people if i became a big winner.

    my kids say i don,t have a chance. i say never give up.

  8. vickie hardman says:


  9. Patricia Dowdy says:

    This is kinda fun. What most of us could do with one of your wins! From a daily small win to the Super prize–oh, boy!

    A few fun moments and that’s all necessary–better than Old Maids!

  10. janet mattox says:

    was trying to get to the cash for gas and it keeps going to the other places . hope to win someday . thanks janet

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