Prize Patrol on Oprah Update!

Pch oprah studio

Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane of the PCH Prize Patrol have just arrived at Harpo Studios in Chicago to prepare for their appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Wednesday, October 28th. Here’s a photo of Oprah’s studio, taken from Todd’s camera.

Publishers Clearing House winner, Stephanie Gornichec, will join the Prize Patrol in giving the audience a first-hand account of how wonderful it is to win a big cash sweepstakes prize.

Tune in on October 28th, to watch the PCH Prize Patrol on Oprah live and find out if there will be any surprises on the show!

8 thoughts on “Prize Patrol on Oprah Update!”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    Watch out for The Prize Patrol

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Love to do interviews

  3. says:

    Would love on Oprah

  4. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    I knew the Gossip

  5. Carla Antee says:

    Love to be on own network

  6. Victoria Kooistra says:

    wow! where’s the Van? I thought I would ask? I thought they were always in a Van! I don’t have cable so I won’t be watching that show.

  7. Mary Wilkins says:

    I have entered this contest for years and have never won. I hope this is my luckey year

  8. i elizabeth dever alway’s watch the oprah ‘ show every day . & i did watch the show today & i will miss watching oprah show ,& i have went back to school also . so wish oprah al the luck in the world with the olm show.from elizabeth dever.

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