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What an emotion-charged PCH winning moment when we awarded the Big Check for $10,000 to Publishers Clearing House winner Teresa Patille of New Castle, DE! “Nothing like this has ever happened to me!”

Publishers Clearing House Winner T Patille

Bursting with smiles of joy and tears of relief, Teresa told us how much the money will mean to her. She’d heard that “good thing things happen to good people,” and now she’s a believer.

You can watch her PCH winning moment online by visiting our new PRIZE PATROL LIVE site at You can also see where the PCH Prize Patrol is going next. Remember, next week the rest of the Prize Patrol teams will head out to award big checks all across the country as part of our Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Blitz.

Francisco A.

Prize Patrol Deputy

17 thoughts on “Follow the Prize Patrol Online”

  1. Carson Wood says:

    Patiently waiting in King George, Va . Could sure use that new Lincoln.

  2. paul slonaker says:

    A friend of mine won many years ago and we have no idea where he went. I have been entering for over 20 years I pray to god they coold stop at my house.

  3. paul slonaker says:

    After entering for over 20 years I would love to win because I know it is true a friend of mine many years ago won a million dollers and no one seen him since.

  4. ken says:

    I have a fat chance in blank to win I know over 2000 e-mail deleted yesterday figures hurt I know I got a better chance of being struck by UFO then seeing them at my door I be leave in a lot but coming to Ohio fat chance O well I just start rolling up my pennies from heaven … O yea pennies do not come from heaven an neither will u just say’n what is like to be hurt 2000 emails of nothing that what it feel like

  5. Brenda Nelson says:


  6. Yolanda Quintana says:

    Prize Patrol is a blessing send from heaven Thank You!

  7. carherine allen says:

    someone gonna WIN just not everyone lol

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