Follow the Prize Patrol to a Florida Cash Sweepstakes Award

Even a Failed GPS Can’t Stop the PCH Prize Patrol …

On Friday, November 6 my PCH Prize Patrol deputy Paul and I were nearing the florist in Kissimmee, Florida where the roses were waiting and where we were to meet up with WOFL-TV reporters who would cover the Orlando TV Area winning moment. And then my handy Garmin suddenly died! Oh no! Trusting that my GPS would faithfully lead the way, I did not bring the driving directions to the florist or the winner’s home with me. So we drove blindly on – and suddenly there was Michigan Avenue, the address for LaCanasta Florist whom I had called the day before to order the flowers. Happily, within a few blocks we found LaCanasta and our presentation bouquet of roses waiting.

The florist was so happy to see the PCH Prize Patrol live and in person that she gladly printed out Mapquest directions to the winner’s home nearby and to our next Florida destination.

Minutes later with WOFL-TV crew Christine and Brian in tow, we knocked on the door of Ms. Milagros Underwood. Alas! She was not home. But a friend told us she could be found a short distance away at a farmers market where she had gone to buy fresh vegetables. He jumped in his card and led us to the market – and yes indeed: there she was. He pointed her out as the woman who had just bought a heavy sack of tomatoes.

“I’m looking for Milagros Underwood.” I said as I approached her. She was obviously startled to see strangers in Prize Patrol blazers, with roses, balloons and a Big Check!


“That’s me,” she said nervously.

“Well, we have a surprise for you!” I announced and then presented her with a Big Check — for $10,000! Shoppers and merchants quickly surrounded the scene and applauded.

Milagros was overcome and speechless – not only because of the cash windfall that appeared out of the blue but by our ability to track her down away from her home. “Oh do I need this!” she cried regaining her composure.

This is just one more example of how we always find our winner! And no matter where you are we’ll find you if you are a lucky winner too.

Follow PCH cash sweepstakes prize deliveries at our new PRIZE PATROL LIVE site and see where we’ll be going next!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


9 thoughts on “Follow the Prize Patrol to a Florida Cash Sweepstakes Award”

  1. Lisa Tillman says:

    I have a PO Box and nothing I order can be given no other address because I live in country… GPS DOESNT PICK UP MY PHYSICAL ADDRESS BEC
    prize Patrol Angels, the One thing I would change about myself if I won , would be to go to a Maxilllary Doctor to take care of my Periodontal Disease so I could eat again, you it’s is not for cosmetics but I think I would be able to choose real implants instead of Dentures since I am still young. I raised my children and too this day they are 24 & 26 and never had a cavity. I then would begin a Dental Foundation for adults that have had to walk in my shoes. I do believe in dreams can come true. Thanks for reading , Lisa Tillman
    Press Enter to post.ASE THEY HAVE NOT LONG AGO CHANGED STREET NAMES. My drivers license would not accept the physical address…. I tried to d/d Bing and find it on the PCH MAP TO GENERATE. Hope I won’t be out of luck incase I win… Strange UPS CAN FIND US …. Just no mail will come to my house, only regular mail. I have tried to generate to the GPS THAT PCH SENDS BUT IT WILL ONLY FIND MY HOUSE UNDER 16953 SR 45 H.S.Fl. 32643…the physical address zip code. Think I need Prize Patrol Help :(

  2. Come on to Florida so l can meet your

  3. Jeff Petree says:

    Im back up dating since my last comment from 2009. Staying Positive and persistance in becoming a PCH WINNER, Danielle,Dave,Todd. “2014 ” p.s. you have me as a pch enter since of 2013, which isnt correct ,ive been in it to win it much longer lol if anyone of pch staff could correct the error it would be nice thanks, Jeff Petree ..

  4. Jeff Petree says:

    ” ? “

  5. Miranda Cruse says:

    I would love for the prize patrol ring my door bell here in Orlando fl!

  6. lori bedell says:

    add your comment here

  7. Visitation tano says:

    I wish Pch will come into our house and bring a big check, for me so that I can go back home and visit my grandpa and my whole family

  8. JEFF PETREE says:


  9. JEFF PETREE says:

    Sorry about the GPS Dave , good thing your able to fnd your way around. Me i get lost in my own back yard lol my directions is turn right at the red house and left at the weeping willow tree etc lol also i have my wife lol
    Any how what ever gets ya to where you need to go right lol

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