Prize Patrol Delivery Brings Economic Relief to Miami Winner

Earl Lumsden of Miami, Florida was not expecting the PCH Prize Patrol to pull up to his house and knock on his door. If he had been, he probably would have had enough clothes on to appear in one of our famous PCH TV Commercials. Alas, he was only half dressed for the sweepstakes winning moment. But he got himself pulled together for the “photo op” shown below.


You can see that Earl was one happy Publishers Clearing House winner – and not just because of the wonderful surprise visit from the Prize Patrol, but because Earl has been out of work for several years, a victim of the recession. So the Big Check for $10,000 was mighty welcome.

“I can’t stop shaking,” Earl said, apologizing as his normally steady handwriting became almost illegible.

“That’s normal,” I assured him, knowing from my hundreds of prize awards that Publishers Clearing House winners are often too overwhelmed to maintain their faculties.

Don’t believe me? Enter the PCH Sweepstakes by going to, and if we surprise you with a Big Check – worth thousands, even millions of dollars – you will find that it’s hard to stay calm!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


90 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Delivery Brings Economic Relief to Miami Winner”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    There Coming to Louisiana

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