Prize Patrol Interrupts Online Game of Solitaire

James Rackley was spending a relaxing morning in his Boca Raton, FL apartment – playing an advanced game of online Solitaire on his computer as the Military Channel played on his TV in the background — when he was roused to the door by a hard knock.

“I don’t believe this!” James exclaimed when he saw the PCH Prize Patrol standing there with balloons, roses and a Big Check for $10,000. “I am in shock!” he added – as he patted his heart.

My fellow Prize Patrol deputy and I quickly assured him that this was all true, that our visit was no joke, and that he could relax. Taking our advice, the new Publishers Clearing House winner brightly announced, “It’s party-time!”

Indeed it was party-time last week for 101 PCH Sweepstakes winners across the USA. PCH Prize Patrol deputies knocked on doors and knocked the socks off folks who thought, “Someone has to win! Why shouldn’t it be me?” So they entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – just like you can right now. A simple click here will get you started.

Here’s hoping you’re lucky, too!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


3 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Interrupts Online Game of Solitaire”

  1. RITA LUEVANOS says:


  2. RITA LUEVANOS says:

    my kids do not believe but i do .I keep on getting mail telling me 10 days until winner selection well i already send my out so waiting to see you at my hope to see you all sooner when later.I believe my dreams will come true for my family and me .I just tired of struggling. not my well but god amen .

  3. useme gblock says:

    Down south out west they always win in those places guess if u watch tv all the time u can when remember the ratings is where the winners r the place that have the highest guess us people who have jobs and life’s don’t have a shot at winning.

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