Emotional Publishers Clearing House Moment in Louisville TV Area

Big Surprise in a Small Town

On November 11th, we set out to deliver a $10,000 cash sweepstakes prize to a woman in Lebanon Junction, a small town in Kentucky. One of the locals, who noticed our PCH Prize Patrol van, became very excited and told us that the last major event that happened in that area was the big train wreck in the late 1800s! Perhaps that overshadows this event, but at least the Big Check of 2009 is good news!

Accompanied by a young reporter from the local newspaper, who was following in her car, we set off from the florist to the winner’s home, which was fourteen miles away. The GPS system was not working too accurately, and we took so many wrong turns that the reporter must have thought that these out-of-town PCH Prize Patrol people were not too swift with directions!

PCH Winner Lilly Cobble

However, we eventually arrived at our destination. Lilly Cobble, our winner, needed to catch her breath, and then wept with tears of joy when she first spotted the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol walk up the porch to her front door. There was an expression of complete disbelief in her eyes at the sight before her: the beautiful bouquet of roses, the colorful balloons – but most of all the Big Check for $10,000!

She can certainly use the money, as times have been tough for her. She continued to wipe the tears of happiness from her face the entire time we spoke with her – it was such an emotional Publishers Clearing House moment. Lilly told us she loves to play our PCH Search & Win game online and was just so thrilled to have won a visit from the PCH Prize Patrol.

Sheryl S. and Al G.

PCH Prize Patrol Team 4

9 thoughts on “Emotional Publishers Clearing House Moment in Louisville TV Area”

  1. hi just searching thank

  2. eillther says:

    eillther here ans yes i am still entering and wil until their is no more contest, so send the big lucky check to me and my unit.medial pays, insurance pays every payment paid
    happy holidays,

  3. R. Johnson says:

    “Opportunities are never lost, someone will take the one you miss.”
    It’s just like entering PCH sweepstakes. Winnings are never lost, some lucky ones are always blessed by it but, you wouldn’t want to miss yours by not grabbing the opportunity to win.
    It takes such a short time to send an entry not to mention of it being free as well!
    I’m sure there are so many who will not let this golden opportunities pass by. Don’t give up!
    Sending my PCH entry everyday is one of my favorite hobby. It gives me that thrill as I dream (miracle happens) and have fun as I plan what to do when my big turn comes around.
    I’m sure thankful that the Mertz and Gilmore family thought of this beautiful way of helping others.
    PCH is surely one of those wonderful things in the world. All the winners say, AMEN!

  4. Winners are selected at random. There’s no purchase or fee necessary to enter and win. The more often you enter, the more chances you will have to win.
    Posted by: Deborah Holland, Executive VP, PCH

    1. Christopher Glen says:

      I recently herd about this sweepstakes. I usually dont believe in lottery drawings or big cash prizes and for good reason. I have never won and it tears me up inside knowing that people hope and wish everyday only to not win a thing. I entered because i saw the reactions of people who did win and felt so good for them knowing that it can happen. I’m just wishing that it does for me, life right now is really hard and I want to get my kids what they want and need for Christmas and more. I’ve dealt with fakes and scams for the past month and finally found the real thing and entered. Im praying that i do win for once. You all are doing a really good thing by helping those in need, not those who already have and simply want more. kudos to pch

  5. gblock says:

    Just open the e-mail it said it was crucial that i response back to this e-mail well i did y i have no clue yeah to get it out of my inbox.

  6. eillther says:


  7. Nicole says:

    Like Whoa I’m so happy for those people..I’ve been praying to God that me& my family would experice this soon. good luck& blessing to all..Nicole S.

  8. gblock says:

    yeah wow happy joy hold it that would be me yeah right it will never happen giving away 500 bucks today on the web bet u will say oh they pick by how much u search ok i believe that NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!

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