Search for PCH Winner in Clarksville, TN

The Last Van To Clarksville …

Our third and final Prize Patrol Blitz stop was Clarksville, Tennessee, a town about 45 miles northwest of Nashville. We were excited to have two reporters from two different local papers, plus a reporter from 5-Star Radio (which consists of five local radio stations), as well as one very ecstatic florist who insisted on being part of our caravan to surprise the Publishers Clearing House winner.

Everything was going along perfectly: the weather was sunny and quite warm for this time of the year; we had news coverage traveling with us; and we were all ready to surprise our winner. We pulled out the flowers, balloons and big check – everything ready for the winning moment. Only one thing was missing – the cash sweepstakes winner: Cindy Milliron.

After some detective work, we discovered she had moved to Alabama just three weeks earlier! A neighbor had her new phone number so, even though we usually do not call winners to tell them the news, this time around we improvised and did the sweepstakes winning moment over the phone. After all, we had a neighbor and local news media to vouch for us, if necessary. “You’re lying” was her first reaction of disbelief, but that was followed by a chorus of “Oh my, Oh my …” when she realized this was definitely the real Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol with a real Big Check for $10,000. She asked if she would receive the money by Christmas and we assured her that she certainly would. We always find our winners – even if they have left the state!

The online local news covered this Publishers Clearing House winning moment in Clarksville, TN. Click here to read the story!

Sheryl S. and Al G.

PCH Prize Patrol Team 4

9 thoughts on “Search for PCH Winner in Clarksville, TN”

  1. irena says: in it to win it

  2. irena says:

    Winning is what it’s about!

  3. irena says:

    Maybe just maybe pch. Will come to my door yes I’m a superfan.

  4. irena says:

    I’ve been playing for over 25 years still haven’t won smh

  5. Ive been playing PCH for 40 or so years an haven’t won yet. I still pray to win because I could use some to purchase my own house I never owned my own. I’m disabled now an dont have enough from my fixed income to pay bills an but food to. There’s always that chance I will win. Merry Christmas to all God is in control.

  6. Beverly says:

    I just don’t believe I will ever win, I pray to win so I can purchase my mothers home back. That she cared so much for and struggled to keep to her death

  7. Maybe one day I will see PCH running to my door with a check but the reason I comment cause I don’t believe it real until it be in my present. I hope one day I will see my balloon and big board check. I’m going to bless the winner and I don’t see no winner from Memphis, TN. Good luck my fans who really get up every day and enter the sweepstakes and play the game from PCH.

  8. Janice Rawls says:

    It is good to see someone from Tennessee won and the lady sounds very humble. Good news. You never know when good fortune will come and I hope that always it is for someone who truly needs and deserves the windfall.

  9. gblock says:

    OMG today the LAST day to enter well here it is

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