Is the Prize Patrol REAL?

Turning Strangers Into Believers – Everywhere We Go!

For my PCH Prize Patrol partner Bob and myself, one of the best parts of the Prize Patrol Blitz is meeting so many wonderful people along our travels. On our recent trip, we travelled all the way to San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to deliver big checks to 3 lucky cash sweepstakes winners. On the way, we had tons of run-ins with strangers from all across the country, and whoever it was, or wherever we were, one thing was always the same — people could not believe we were actually real!

Whether it was a group of excited Hertz workers who rented us our Prize Patrol van, or a fellow traveler waiting to pick up their luggage at baggage claim — or even the actual Publishers Clearing House winners themselves — everyone we met was in total shock and disbelief.

And although this may surprise you, we never got tired of their reactions. Because for us, there’s no greater feeling than to be able to look into someone’s eyes and tell them, “Yes, we really do exist!”

We’d love to turn you into a believer next and surprise you in person with a famous PCH Big Check, but first you have to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! It’s so easy for you to get started, just click here!

Wishing you lots of luck,

Amanda C.

Prize Patrol Deputy

21 thoughts on “Is the Prize Patrol REAL?”

  1. Confirm Glendora 91740
    Los Angelos area 8/31

  2. Jennifer Drew Garcia says:

    Please come to my place
    In Los Angeles area!!

  3. Los Angeles “91740”

    Wants to win!!



  5. LEE CAYER says:


  6. lisa crowder says:

    thank you Debra can you please tell rodney that im going to win this year and month and ill peraonally post a picture to Showrooms all the world someone poor won me and my name is PCH may30 and june 30 2013 winner mrs.lisa crowder of san diego California. Ha ha Hair so there.thanks again PCH for choosing me…..

  7. Hi Rodney,
    At Publishers Clearing House every entry received is processed in accordance with our Official Rules.
    During the course of a Giveaway (which could be as short as a month, or as long as a year or two) you may receive a number of different mailings that contain different entry deadlines for each unique SuperPrize entry number included in the individual mailing. The entry deadlines for these numbers will often be different from, and sometimes preceded by, the final entry deadline for the entire Giveaway. This happens frequently at the beginning of the Giveaway when the final deadline may be many months away. A single entry is all that is needed for a chance to win and it qualifies an entrant for all prizes promoted in the Official Rules. You can enter as often as you like and each entry is fully processed and recorded in accordance with the Official Rules in each mailing.
    Each entry received has an equal chance of winning and we never know who our next winner may be. Our winners are as varied as the faces you see in our famous television commercials coming from all walks of life, ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions.

  8. Rodney Bennett says:

    i think pch is fake fake fake-because ive submitted and submitted and no luck- no pchs ant my front door- no emails to congratulate me on a winning- i live in alabama and ive noticed that there hasnt been a winner in this area since 1990.. and ive also notice that there a bunch of elderly ppl who are wnning. and its not far- if i submitt and get tripple entries how could you guys say that you couldnt determine a winner.? you kno my family has endured alot this year our family business burned to the ground on the coldest day and our lives have been devestaed since. my mother havent got over it because she worked so hard for it and itwas gone in a blink of an eye, and if you were real youd find a winner and change their lives and not have them hoping for a life change and recieving nothing but false hope- the odds of winning are 1/175,000,000 and its not that hard to choose a winner when there are tons of ppl submitting the info- on time.

    1. Angelia Cook-Sloop says:

      So very true. I wrote you a comment. I think it is so rigged.

  9. Hi James,
    Our customer service team will be able to help you further. Their number is (800) 645-9242. You can also contact our customer service team by visiting:

    1. Angelia Cook-Sloop says:

      Rodney, I feel your pain . I have faithfully entered every day for about 2 yrs. and no luck. I live in orangeburg, s.c. I think this game is rigged for bigger areas. God in heaven knows we need to win. I think I will quit after this year.

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