Want to Win a Christmas Bonus from Publishers Clearing House?

While the state of the economy may be slowly improving, employees’ receipt of a Christmas bonus at holiday-time this year may be few and far between and not everything that American workers are hoping for.

But there’s one “bonus” that could be yours by Christmas if you hurry. It’s a Big Check for $25,000 that you could win from the grand-daddy of sweepstakes: Publishers Clearing House!

A prize like that would certainly make anyone happy – whether you are employed (in or outside the home, full or part-time), unemployed, not employed or retired.

This cash windfall won’t be delivered by some boss but by that most welcome group of drop-in visitors, The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. They will drive up in the Prize Patrol van (as seen on TV and at PCHTV.com) and surprise the lucky winner with roses, balloons and – ta-dahh! – The Big Check!

But you will not be eligible to win this Christmas bonus prize unless you enter the contest now — or by the December 14 deadline at the absolute latest!

Don’t delay! To enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online, simply click here to get started.

Happy Holidays and good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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