Ross Mathews with Sweepstakes Prize Delivery Team

This Special Guest Made This Prize Patrol Delivery Even More Special!

You’ve seen him as the super energetic, wildly funny correspondent on The Tonight Show and The Jay Leno Show. You’ve watched him interview some of the biggest celebrities in the business on The Insider. And now, I’m very excited to say that the one, the only Ross “The Intern” Mathews can add “PCH Prize Patrol Deputy” to his ever-growing resume.

That’s right! Recently, Ross joined my Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol partner, Bob, and me as we made a sweepstakes prize delivery and surprised Gardena, California resident Glenn Shimizu with $10,000.00 cash sweepstakes prize. And the result was pure hilarity and absolute fun.

It started with an e-mail sent from my fellow PCH employee Brenna. She is what you might call a “super fan” of Ross, and she had a Eureka moment one day when, on a whim, she decided to e-mail Ross to ask if he’d like to join us in surprising one of our Publishers Clearing House winners. Ross, a self-proclaimed lover of giving things away, eagerly accepted the offer. I think he even shrieked!

We set up a rendezvous for Thursday, November 12th at Gardena Florist, right outside of Los Angeles. That day, we ran up to each other as if we were long lost friends. And then we got down to business. First things first: wardrobe change! Ross showed up wearing a flannel (albeit very stylish) shirt, but we needed to get him in full Prize Patrol mode. That’s when we presented him with an official PCH Prize Patrol blazer! Things were starting to look better, but as Ross noted, our van needed some spicing up too. So Bob and I showed him the skills we learned at Prize Patrol Boot Camp and attached our famous sign to the sweepstakes prize delivery van. Then we were off!

Ross w Prize Patrol van 1

As we arrived at the PCH winner’s street, our excitement about giving out the sweepstakes prize reached a new level. But we had to face a few hurdles first. There were barking dogs, crying children and unwieldy sprinklers – of course, nothing stops the Prize Patrol! A bit wet, we rang on Glenn’s doorbell, and one word can describe his reaction: shocked! Not only was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on his doorstep surprising him with a Big Check for $10,000.00, but there was Ross Mathews too! It was an unforgettable PCH Winning Moment!

Ross w PCH winner 1

We had such an amazing time on this award and wanted to thank Ross for making it extra special so we decided to surprise him with his very own Big Check too. Instead of making it out for a dollar amount, we made it out for “Hugs and Kisses”. When Ross saw his name on the check, he literally jumped for joy – you would have thought he had won millions!

I’ll never forget this incredible experience, and you can watch the whole thing by clicking right here.

And while you’re at it, be sure to enter the PCH Sweepstakes for yourself at With a little luck we could show up at your door next!

Wishing you lots of luck,

Amanda C.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

10 thoughts on “Ross Mathews with Sweepstakes Prize Delivery Team”

  1. Jesus Macias says:

    I love pch. this is my motto never give up always have faith no matter how poor you are or how rich. always try to help others. and most of all believe in Jesus our Christ Savior AMEN. prize patrol rocks!

  2. I have watched Ross on the tonight show with Jay Leno and always thought he was a rip. Very funny and quite energetic. He really got known with Jay and look at him go now. I would really like to meet him so with any luck maybe we will meet in North Tonawanda, NY. It is near Niagara Falls. Congrats Ross, and hope to meet you some day. It would be my pleasure.

  3. christina chandler says:

    i look forward to see pize patrol van come to my door have kids and i am unemployed so, i can sure use the money at this present time take care and keep me in mind thank you. the prize patrol debra holland and ross matthews

  4. Mary Hill says:

    Mary Hill Aug2,2011at3;01pm Thank the LORD again to see another day, and for let me find the $10,000.00 AGAIN love all pch tean I WILL BE WAITING TO SEE YOU ON Aug31 love Mary.

  5. pree says:

    Love you All PCH. God bless you.

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  7. There’s no purchase necessary to enter and win the PCH sweepstakes. Just fill out the entry form and hit submit. Your entry will be automatically processed. You can “skip” the ads that follow.
    D. Holland @PCH

  8. john says:

    I don’t want to purchase just enter without the ads. How

  9. Fifi Day says:

    I tried to enter and followed the pages patiently and when it got to ITT Tech … it wouldn’t let me continue, got stuck in a loop for 20minutes!!! Unable to complete my entry form … this must be a gimmick because it wouldn’t let me enter !!! I am VERY disappointed!!!!

  10. useme gail says:

    oh boy another old person who sits on his butt and watchs tv or plays on a computer sorry the people in the real world have to work to pay their over due bills and live in real places where they r low class not in the states where u can sun bathe any day.

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