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To your house — from the Prize Patrol — at Publishers Clearing House

Every year Dave Sayer, Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol, sends a prize winner holiday letter to winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – past and present. As a loyal PCH Blog reader, you might enjoy reading this year’s edition. And – who knows? – if you enter now and every chance you get in 2010, your name may appear in next year’s letter with that wonderful word next to it: WINNER!

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Dear Winners and Friends,

We hope that 2009 has been a good year for you and yours. It has been a good one for us business-wise, and a record-setting year for Prize Patrol deliveries: 225 and counting! Phew! That’s a lot of miles!

A highlight of the year was February 26th when Doris Gray, a venerated school teacher from South Orange, NJ, won our $5,000 A Week for Life SuperPrize. The excitement in the school lunchroom — where we surprised her in front of hundreds of cheering students and faculty — generated great TV footage which was featured in a TV ad, at and on a Learning Channel special about prize winners of $1 million plus.

A second highlight was in August when we knocked on the door of Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, ID with a Million Dollar SuperPrize. Having been laid off from work a year ago, Stephanie was thrilled that she and her husband Shaun could remove the For Sale sign from the front of their beloved house. This story – that resonates with so many folks these days – catapulted the Gornichecs onto one of America’s most popular daytime talk-shows. The Prize Patrol was also invited to appear and took the opportunity to surprise a randomly-selected audience member, Sue Draper of CA, with $25,000 and each person in the studio audience with $500. Talk about excitement!

Space here does not allow us to include the over 200 names of each prize winner in 101 TV areas that we visited on two Prize Patrol Blitzes, one in May, another in November. Half of the winners won $1,000, half won $10,000, and all were thrilled regardless of the dollar amount. Over 70 PCH employees — who were put through Prize Patrol Boot Camp training to deliver prizes from coast to coast — returned home with new friendships and memories they will never forget.

Far-flung Prize Patrol assignments took us from an “around the corner” location (Queens, NY where Marta Wolking won $10,000 on Tax Day) to the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii’s island of Oahu where Destiny Kalani won $15,000 on Columbus Day). Other holiday prizes were delivered to Gay Fairris in Romulus, MI ($10,000 – Valentine’s Day), Margaret Horn in Houston, TX ($10,000 – St. Patrick’s Day), Jane Kennedy in San Diego, CA ($10,000 – Labor Day), Hans Hamilton in Gig Harbor, WA ($5,000 – Halloween) and Kirk Edwards in Muscatine, IA ($10,000 – Thanksgiving). Memorable holidays for sure!

Geographically in between we surprised Robert Morse of Newburyport, MA ($10,000), Fred Franken of Jacksonville, FL ($10,000), Richard Zenzola of Woodbury, MN ($10,000), Mrs. John Stice of Huntsville, TX ($10,000), Erin Barnes of Taylorsville, UT ($5,000), David Mitchell of Beach Park, IL ($10,000), Melody Mulkey of Belton, MO ($7,000), Teri Zierer of Albuquerque, NM ($5,000), John Goldman of Fort Smith, AR ($10,000), Angelic Bass of Ferndale, WA ($10,000), Robin Bartlett of Brooksville, FL ($15,000), Jelaine Jaeb of Coppell, TX ($10,000), and Renae Novak of Fridley, MN ($10,000). How’s that for geographic coverage?

We still have more 2009 prize winner awards to deliver before December 30th when a new TV campaign goes on the air, promoting our popular website,, and a $10 Million InstaPrize. (Even though you’ve won before, you are still eligible to win again – so go for it!)

All of our Prize Patrol deputies and all the employees of Publishers Clearing House join me in sending you our warmest wishes for a blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Mrs. Toole says:

    PCH $7,000.00 week 4/30/15 letter of intent

  2. Mrs. Toole says:

    PCH $7,000.00 week letter of Intent?

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    I want to win $7,000.00 a week for life.

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    I want to win 5,000?00forever prize

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