Washington State Family Wins PCH Christmas Cash Sweepstakes Prize

People often tell me that my job compares favorably with that of Santa Claus. I’ve thought that myself numerous times over the 20+ years that I’ve been head of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. But that similarity never felt more apt than a few days ago when I delivered the PCH Christmas Cash Sweepstakes Prize to the door of a Seattle family who really needed some Christmas cheer – particularly in the financial sense.

Tim, a painting contractor, has had a rough time finding employment throughout the recession. His wife Lori has required medical attention as the result of a car accident – which also necessitated the unplanned purchase of a new car. One of their twin teenage sons is slowly recuperating from a months-long illness and the extended hospitalization that went along with it. Bills were piling up, and needed groceries were being provided by their church.

While this devoutly religious family had started to decorate their tidy mobile home for Christmas — including a snowy nativity scene, they had decided that a Christmas tree was an unaffordable luxury.

Then, suddenly, everything changed when the PCH Prize Patrol arrived with balloons, roses and – hallelujah! – a Big Check for $25,000.00!

“It’s amazing,” Tim said over and over again, as Lori came to the door and the tears started flowing. “You don’t know how much this means to us,” she said.

Immediately the sons were summoned home by phone — although they didn’t know the reason until they came into the house and found themselves being videotaped as part of the winning moment. Just as fast they started texting the good news to their friends in the neighborhood.

Many friends of Tim and Lori were “flabbergasted” by the good news and reportedly hurried to pch.com to enter the PCH sweepstakes. And the family’s equally surprised pastor suggested that Tim give a testimony next Sunday on “how the prize showed God’s faithfulness” – a request that Tim said he’ll be delighted to grant.

When Tim took his prize check to the bank, the teller and bank employees were all stunned. To a person they all had the same reaction: “I never thought that Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes was real!”

Well, you can take it from me: it is real! Real people really win real money in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! And YOU could be next. In fact you could win our first-ever $10 Million InstaPrize. If you are the winner we could be knocking on your door just 48 hours after your entry is processed. That means you could be rich VERY FAST!

So what are you waiting for? Just click here and enter the Publishers Clearing House Cash Sweepstakes! Just like Tim and his family, you can believe: there really is a Santa Claus!

With best wishes for a Happy New Year and the best of luck,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


22 thoughts on “Washington State Family Wins PCH Christmas Cash Sweepstakes Prize”

  1. Sandi Bjarnson says:

    my name is Sandi bjanson I have mesages that I won

  2. Deb Carlson says:

    Finanally a winner who REALLY can use it. But please be careful, plan, be wise and don’t feel pressured when you get requests for help. Godd Bless

  3. shelly says:

    that story made me cry !!!! GOOD FOR THEM

  4. amber says:

    God always comes on time… Just gotta keep your faith and have patience. No luck about it!!!

    1. amber says:

      More like a blessing.

  5. Freda kinison says:

    That’s amazing god bless that family and the are in my prayers so me anything go in notice dun touched in the world god said lean on me and believe and I am there and god pervaded for this family and I thank The Lord for the next family he may bless even if it is are family of me freda my son Malachi my little thirteen month old Madison and my new son Manson who is do in April we would be so blessed but who ever dose win use it to show the world the good lord and the goodness we all have inside of us life is beautiful even when the world is not be grateful even if all u have is very little god is good and dose pervade now or later always thank u god

  6. Susan bennett says:

    I have hoped to win for many years, and each year there are more things that happen that would help so much if I could be selected. I know the odds are not in my favor. It would be of miracle proportion to select a Washinton residence. It seems yo run out id gas before you make it to the west coast most years If I win I’ll gladly pay for the gas and would love to have your team stay here at my horse for the night. We have no family coming forvXmas this year, sober have plenty of room. My husband thinks I’m silly for asking you to come, but that’s ok, I’m just a silly person I guess! I make a great Chocolate cake to die for waiting for you too! ..please come…even if we don’t win, come by anyway. Wee would be so honored! Thank you!
    Sue in woodinville, wa!

  7. severa meno says:

    It has been blessed year, we all have our troublies in life, I myself, but the lord said worry don’t about today, because today have its own troublies. we all came into this world with nothing, so why worry,we are going out with nothing. lets all live in peace, HAPPY THANKS GIVING and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. PCH god bless, good luck everyone

  8. Carol Craig says:

    **** answered by email *** I keep asking but get no answer to the question has there ever been a pch winner from the great stat of South Carolina? I just wondered because I have never heard of one, don’t you people like us?

    1. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

      Publishers Clearing House awards prizes all across the country, including in the state of South Carolina. Within the past 18 months, we’ve had sweepstakes winners of prizes from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 each in the following SC markets: Columbia, Nichols, Walterboro, Moncks Corner and Sumter.

      1. Sandi Bjarnson says:

        I have messages that I have won

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