Winning the PCH 48 Hour InstaPrize Would Make a Happy New Year

Start the New Year with a whopping $10 Million InstaPrize!

What are you doing next week? Your plans could change dramatically if the PCH Prize Patrol shows up on your doorstep with a PCH 48 Hour $10 Million InstaPrize!

You see, with our new $10 Million InstaPrize event, you can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and just 48 hours after your entry is processed, you could win $10 Million!

Just imagine: if you act fast, before one week in the New Year is up, our PCH Prize Patrol could drive up to your home, march to your door, ring the bell and announce as you stand in awe: “You’re a Publishers Clearing House winner of our $10 Million InstaPrize!”

Wouldn’t that get 2010 off to a terrific start?

It could happen to YOU if you fill out a PCH sweepstakes entry. A simple click here will get you started for your chance to win a PCH 48 Hour $10 Million InstaPrize.

Happy New Year and may all your sweepstakes dreams come true!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

300 thoughts on “Winning the PCH 48 Hour InstaPrize Would Make a Happy New Year”

  1. Yes I want to win it all

  2. shawn says:

    Ummmm ok so no winner yet here this is the longest sweepstakes ever I know there is to be a 10 million dollar winner no matter the outcome per the rules end of sweeps draw.why has there been no follow up?

  3. Gwen Moncada says:

    This entry takes your breath away can you image yourself with 10M it is over whelming but wonderful to just think what can I do with 10M, and 2M, and A Dream Home,it can’t get any better than this. Dreams do come true if you wish with all your heart + soul.

  4. Igor Lyubarskiy says:

    I hope

  5. lies says:

    Ya what ever happened to this an the end draw for guarantee 10 million??? Lol scam

  6. Nettie Jenkins says:

    Deborah Holland I hope today finds you well! (Smiles) I would love to win this amazing blessing!

  7. michael colflesh says:

    could feed a lot of citizens with that kind of cash

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