www.pch.com/urgent Post Cards are in the mail

Good news! Our newest www.pch.com/urgent post cards with a special entry into our Fast 50 giveaway have been mailed. In the next week or two many of you may receive the post card that looks like the one below. The post card asks you to type in the following URL www.pch.com/urgent and enter a unique Authorization Code with your registration information for an entry. After completing the steps you are entered into a giveaway where 50 winners will be confirmed in just a few days.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the post cards. Some of you may have received the post card ahead of schedule and may have realized that the site wasn’t live yet. As of now though, you’ll have no problem entering the giveaway by visiting www.pch.com/urgent and filling in the registration information and activation code.

Hope you enjoy the cards!


Frank Alb

Community Coordinator

1,163 thoughts on “www.pch.com/urgent Post Cards are in the mail”

  1. Brenda says:

    mine is PC293

  2. Linda Spangler says:

    activation code:PC293

  3. linda l wilson says:

    pc290 gwy#6160

  4. MARSHA BAKER says:


  5. MARVIN fAINE says:

    would like to enter ACTIVATION CODE IS PC293

  6. Donald fouraker says:

    you have spelled my name wrong, the correct spelling i donald fouraker

  7. peggy upshaw says:

    Activate my code PC294

  8. J James says:

    j james

    Activate my code PC293

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