www.pch.com/urgent Post Cards are in the mail

Good news! Our newest www.pch.com/urgent post cards with a special entry into our Fast 50 giveaway have been mailed. In the next week or two many of you may receive the post card that looks like the one below. The post card asks you to type in the following URL www.pch.com/urgent and enter a unique Authorization Code with your registration information for an entry. After completing the steps you are entered into a giveaway where 50 winners will be confirmed in just a few days.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the post cards. Some of you may have received the post card ahead of schedule and may have realized that the site wasn’t live yet. As of now though, you’ll have no problem entering the giveaway by visiting www.pch.com/urgent and filling in the registration information and activation code.

Hope you enjoy the cards!


Frank Alb

Community Coordinator

1,184 thoughts on “www.pch.com/urgent Post Cards are in the mail”

  1. Ronald Maher Jr. says:

    would love to win so I could spoil my wife and children (3) and grandchildren (2).

  2. Angie Smith says:

    Would be so great to win!

  3. Lydia Hood says:

    It,s always good to think about winning but it,s always good to do good deeds for other people as well,with it. Hope to win, they are a lot of people out of work that need help.

  4. Raychelleprice says:

    Hearing everyone’s comments why they want and need to win i wish us all the luck may we all be blessed cause god knows we all need a blessing just remember love life itself for what it is already

  5. Alice Buoy says:

    I’d love to see your dark blue van come around my corner. I’m glad to have a chane at winning111

  6. Mable Blair says:

    I am61 years old have worked hard all my life I have so many financial worries and a sick husband maybe by the grace of God I will be a winner thank you for this chance God bless you

  7. Mable Blair says:

    really need to win

  8. I don’t want to win, I need to win.““

  9. Phyllis Davis says:

    Good Luck. Winning is a blessing and we can be thankful.

  10. Coleen Personiu says:

    With my children in college the money would help alot!!

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