Double Big Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winners from PCH!


It’s rare that our PCH big cash sweepstakes prize drawings produce two winners in a row in one state – not to mention two winners in one major metropolitan area; but that’s just what happened recently. One e-mail from our contest manager Maryann Carter told me we had a winner in Nashville, Tennessee; and her next e-mail told me we had another winner in Gallatin, TN, a mere 20 miles northeast of Nashville. While our PCH Prize Patrol never hesitates to travel hither and yon all over the USA, two prize deliveries within reach of a single airport was a welcome prospect.

Soon thereafter we knocked on the door of Janet Theriaque in Gallatin. It was at 9:20 AM. We knocked again, and again, and again. Finally Janet’s husband Tom opened the door with a quizzical look — which quickly turned into a broad smile as he realized what was going on and that he’d better put a shirt on and wake up his wife.


It took what seemed like five minutes for Janet to get to the door – at which point her mouth fell open in disbelief. It turned out she had been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online at for only a few months while Tom had been responding to Publishers Clearing House mailings for years and years. (In fact he proudly showed me two entries that were completed, stamped and ready to go.) Clearly Janet had “beginner’s luck”!

PCH Winners Theriaque

That afternoon the same thing happened at our next stop, the Hillis household in Nashville. Beth had been entering our contest online from time to time while her mother – with whom she lived – had been entering religiously for a long time by mail. There was excitement aplenty as Beth accepted the roses, the balloons and the Big Check (our second $10,000 cash prize of the day).


“I cannot believe THIS!” Beth repeated over and over as she thanked us, hugged us and placed phone calls to stunned friends far and near.

Maybe you are a “beginner” – and maybe you’ll have “beginner’s luck” too. In fact, if you enter now at you could be the next big cash sweepstakes prize winner of $10 Million!

And don’t think that you have to live in Tennessee to be lucky! You can be the lucky PCH winner of a $10 Million SuperPrize wherever you live – from Maine to California, from Florida to Alaska!

Best of luck – whether you are a beginner or not!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. If i win i will help others that need help People don’t have food to eat. Nowhere to go

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