Lots of Ways to Win Cash Prizes at PCH – With Mail-In and Online Entry

I just returned from three days of Prize Patrol duty, presenting three cash prizes of $10,000 each to lucky winners of the PCH Sweepstakes. I saw a phenomenon that I hadn’t really noticed before—and I guess it’s a sign of our changing times. One person in a household enters the PCH Sweepstakes by mail; another person in the household enters online. Perhaps they think they’re covering all the bases this way.

The fact is that you can win either way and, every entry is a new, unique chance to win. But another fact is that more and more people are winning our sweepstakes with an online entry – just like more and more people are shopping or planning their travel or checking out real estate offerings on the web.

You can submit an online entry for the PCH Sweepstakes at pch.com – and I invite you to do that at once. And you can return to pch.com every day if you want for a new chance to win cash prizes each time! Why not?!? We are offering an amazing $10 Million SuperPrize that could be yours!

But that’s only one of the fun online entry opportunities offered at the growing PCH network of online properties. You can enter while conducting an online search at PCH Search & Win, entertain yourself at PCH Games, play free online lotto at PCH Lotto, see exciting winning moments at PCHTV.com, check out our great magazine deals and As Seen on TV merchandise at pch.com, and – of course – read stories written by PCH’ers like myself right here at our PCH Blog.

We are standing by with PCH balloons, roses, PCH Prize Patrol jackets and a Big Check – will YOU be the next cash prize winner we meet?

Best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


89 thoughts on “Lots of Ways to Win Cash Prizes at PCH – With Mail-In and Online Entry”

  1. Caroline Barrett Miller says:

    How can I start getting mail in entries?…..PCh issued me two customer service I.D. numbers a couple of years ago and I don’t know what either of them is…I have no idea why they did that….

  2. nova says:

    I have always liked PCH and then I found out that I could enter the PCH super prize as well as several others from my mobile phone and I have not missed playing the games and entering ever single day since! Great fun and lots of dreaming of the day when Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam, The dream team, what I call them when referring to them, anyway dreaming of the day that I answer my door and they are there! I know if I live long enough my dream will come true! I often wonder if anyone who has previously won ever did anything special for the dream team? After all, they have made so many people’s dreams come true and I know that if I win and it is allowed, I would love to do something extra nice for them. The dream team deserves to see their own dreams come true! I cannot wait to meet all of you in person. Hopefully someday soon! God Bless.

  3. WYVONNE says:


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