Baraboo, Wisconsin PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner

Our trip to Baraboo included a drive through Madison, Wisconsin where we admired and photographed the impressive state capitol building.


Then it was off to the florist in Baraboo where the congenial staff prepared a dozen roses and helium balloons for the surprise winning moment of our new PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner, Mike Schultz.


Well it was a little tough finding Mike at first, but after missing him at home, a kind neighbor directed us to his workplace. Unfortunately, the new PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner was off that day. Even though they were green with envy, his co-workers were more than pleased to do a little detective work to lead us to his other place of business. Before we departed they expressed concern that Mike might not return now that he was a Publishers Clearing House winner!

When we finally reached our winner’s second job and identified ourselves to his manager as the PCH Prize Patrol, the manager was glad to participate in the surprise cash sweepstakes prize award. Mike may have been a little rattled as he was called to the office with no mention of our big secret. What a shock it was to see us holding the big check! Mike was one happy fellow that day and his manager was also quite tickled.


As we left Madison, Wisconsin, with another successful “Publishers Clearing House Winning Moment” accomplished, we wondered if Mike would be returning to his job after all.


Regina K. and Stacey H.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputies

23 thoughts on “Baraboo, Wisconsin PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner”

  1. Debbie Ladwig says:

    Come to Raymond Wi We could use a winner.

  2. Will be a winner in Madison Wisconsin area

  3. )Alina says:

    Will Wausau Wi be the next stop for pch 5000 a week forever August ?

  4. Linda Lee Whitson says:

    I received a phone call a few days ago, this man ask me if I was between the ages of 18/68 years old, I told him I was 71 and he told me I should not enter the contest because I was to old, over the age limit. Now I may not have the words exact but I have played the PCH games for many years, I am sorry I did not see that age 68 was the age limit. I wish you would make that very clear from the beginning of your games. I wasted my time as well as yours. Thanks for the phone call and beings I am not age worthy to play your games please don’t bother to send me any more of your email or mail to look and play your games when I never had a chance to win from the beginning. God Bless and good luck to the lucky winner. Yours truly and a very disappointed player, Linda Lee Whitson also known as to old.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      That phone call did not come from PCH. There is no age limit to entering the sweepstakes and we have had winners of all ages. Can you please report this incident to

  5. Amanda says:

    Aw you were so close to me. You guys need to bring a big check to verona wi!

  6. Louie Tony Hall says:

    How big was Mike Schutlz’s (Schultz’s, sounds better but you may be right, I’m going by the spellchecker, but they’re not always right on names) prize anyway? If it was near $500,000 dollars then we got cut if they were comparing that to Super Bowl wins. But you can’t compare Bowl wins to this,for this lets the little people win. Finally, it pays off to be one of the little people! By-the-bye, best of luck to Penny and James on winning all that money, and best of times & luck to PCH crew and staff signed L.Tony aka exbiker23.

  7. Del Fleming says:

    $7000.00 per week to one person why? Other poor slobs out there, break em up.

  8. a big screen tv would be nice

  9. Frances Cox says:

    You know I was looking up who exactly Wins PCH and from what I seen all they give the winners to are older folks I believe its because its PCH don’t have to give it to them for very long as they put it a life time beings that the winners don’t have much of a ‘LIFETIME LEFT” I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IS AGE DISCRIMINATION

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Frances – Age is not a factor in winner selection. We have surprised winners of all ages! PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!Some young winners are Scott Kent ($10,000.00), Natalie Bostleman ($1,000,000.00), K.J. MacAlister ($10,000,000.00), and Zakiya Green ($15,000.00). You can see some of these winning moments on

  10. Richard Carpenter says:

    SAhow me a winner, I’am in need of this win, for some many poeple I can help, as for me too, but helping those in need is my greatest desire.

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