PCH Prize Winners All Across the Country

The PCH Prize Patrol is ready to go – to new destinations!

I live in a place that is visited by people from all over the USA, and it seemed like I met several of them this past weekend.

“So you’re from around Sioux Falls,” I said to one man. I guess my expression indicated that I knew right where he was from. He raised his eyebrows and responded, “You’ve been there?”

“You bet,” I told him. “At least twice for deliveries to PCH Sweepstakes prize winners. I saw the ‘falls’ for which the city is named.”

Later, a couple from Washington State’s San Juan Islands expressed surprise that I’d been in their neighborhood.

Later still, a man from western Colorado was amazed that I had been to his remote part of that state.

When they learn the unusual reason why I’ve been to so many places around the country, they get super-excited and exclaim, “Well c’mon back! Here’s my address!”

I ask them if they have entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Some sheepishly admit that they have not, at least not recently.

I tell them how simple it is these days to submit an online sweepstakes entry – at pch.com – AND if they don’t enter they will lose for sure. BUT if they enter the PCH Sweepstakes online without delay they could become very rich ($10 Million rich!).

And I’m telling YOU the very same thing: If you enter the PCH Sweepstakes I could lead the PCH Prize Patrol to your door with a $10 Million SuperPrize!

Our PCH Prize Patrol has travelled all over the USA with Big Checks for prize winners, but we are always “up” for a visit to a town we have not visited before. The next place could be YOUR town. In fact it could be YOUR address!

It would be our pleasure to “drop in” if you’re our next PCH Sweepstakes SuperPrize winner!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


38 thoughts on “PCH Prize Winners All Across the Country”

  1. Alicia Murray says:

    I use to live in Hawaii and I was just thinking about how I’ve never heard of anyone win anything from Hawaii

  2. Sherry Pratt says:

    The prize patrol has never came to my state I guess they think that Indiana does not cut the mustard in their sweepstakes at all that is my opinion about this sweepstakes.

  3. colette tazel says:

    This would be my first time playing all thou it has been fun. I have to wonder is this to good to be true. Well anyway i just want to say all the winner around the world, o hope the elite are coming to see me next initials c.t.

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  5. Misty Ryan says:

    This would be such a dream come true for PCH to show up at my door step and to come to Muncie, Indiana. I can’t even recall or find a date that they have ever came to my town or any winners:( I would love to be the first, plus.to prove to my husband and show him that you just have to have faith in the lord :-) I could then give my 2 girls a life that they deserve :-)

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  7. rose Padgett says:

    To beanle to win do you have to have Facebook or do the twitter or a home compurter. I don’t know how to do Facebook or twitter things. I heard my grandbabys talk about that stuff but i don’t do it. I had to call and get my house compurter shut off didn’t have money to pay for it. Thanks rose

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