The record cold that much of the country has experienced this winter reminds me of a PCH Prize Patrol visit we made two years ago – in Streator, Illinois. While the sun was out, the temperature was only 10 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind-chill was a lot lower.

Without much trouble our PCH Prize Patrol found the PCH winner’s house. But the snow covering the front walkway clearly hadn’t been disturbed for days. Maybe the winner wasn’t home?

We bravely stepped out of our comfy Prize Patrol van, padded through the drifts, up the snow-covered steps to the door and rang the bell. The roses started to crisp up in the bitter cold, and our helium-filled balloons started to pucker as they do in such temperatures. The time we waited shivering seemed like an eternity rather than the actual 45 seconds.

Finally there was a sound on the other side of the door! Then a pulling and a slight turn of the door knob, and more tugging as the ice around the door jamb started to crack. Then the door opened and there stood our winner Wanda Gavin, wrapped in a blanket and taking in the scene in front of her. As her mouth fell open it was clear that she recognized exactly what was going on.

“John! John!” she cried at the top of her lungs as she turned from the door (a scene you might have seen in our TV commercials). “You won’t believe this! Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is here!”

Indeed we were: in our PCH Prize Patrol attire, with the dozen roses, balloons and a Big Check: for $100,000.00!

While some signs indicate the economy is improving, many Americans are still facing hard times. So, take heart from the story of Wanda: Miracles can happen! You can win big cash sweepstakes prizes too! Of course, you have to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes to win. But because you are reading this blog, entering is easy: Just click here on this link to pch.com and you could know the unbelievably warm feeling of a winning moment right at your front door.

Best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director



  1. Doctor panicking, suhtos Nurse!! where did I leave my stethescope?! Nurse looks straight ahead and whispers, Uhhh, well..it’s on..your.. person sir. Doctor looks down at his stethescope hanging boldly from his neck, draping his chest .chuckles Oooh .soooo..indeed..here it clearly is!

  2. Shane Vaughn says:

    I have been entering your contests for more than 15 yrs online. I was in A car accident and lost my GF due to alcoholism and have been on ssi for 5yrs. I have no car, no home of my own, I still live with my stepfather in his apartment, and still have pain in my head and back. I cant afford surgery because my insurance only covers part of the cost. If I was to win it would make me so happy and I would help many people with the money.

  3. alma noyola says:

    hi my name is alma noyola and i don’t have a lot playing on pch ,but i hope that i win at least 10,000,00 to pay my bills and all that i need to pay. I just loose my truck because i don’t have money to pay and the bank is going to take it the economy is too difficult at this time. Thank you and congradulations to all winners and i’m sorry if i didn’ put something right my english is not good enough thank you

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