And the Winner of the PCH Cash Sweepstakes SuperPrize Is …

The Oscar nominations have been announced, and the excitement is building. Who will win? When the presenters rip open that envelope, whose name will they announce? What will the winner do when he or she gets to the podium and stands before a huge national TV audience?

Well, the excitement is building at PCH too. The entries into our giant cash sweepstakes are coming in and they are being processed around the clock. Who will the next winner of our fabulous SuperPrize be? To what state, what city, what town will our PCH Prize Patrol be traveling? How will the winner react for the video camera? What will viewers see when they watch the winning moment at

Who knows? We don’t. The winning number won’t be selected until drawing day. In fact, we don’t even know if a $10 Million matching winning number will be returned by the deadline or not. If it is returned, some lucky person will win a $10 Million SuperPrize. If not, then we’ll hold a second chance drawing to randomly select a $1 Million SuperPrize winner from the eligible entrants. All we know at this point is that the winning moment will be a life-changing thrill for one lucky person who has been smart enough to enter the PCH Sweepstakes. The new SuperPrize winner will be a person who has seen our past winners on TV or at and has demonstrated by entering: “I want that to be me!”

Don’t let time slip away. Entries for this huge cash sweepstakes drawing must be received by the February 16 deadline. So click here on this link to and enter at once! And remember that our rules allow you to enter the PCH contest daily!

The Academy Awards are coming soon, and so is the PCH SuperPrize presentation!

Just imagine that the Prize Patrol could knock on your door and announce, “And the PCH winner is …. YOU!”

Good luck – or as they say in show biz, “Break a leg!”

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


27 thoughts on “And the Winner of the PCH Cash Sweepstakes SuperPrize Is …”

  1. audolia says:

    Hi PCH. Where the prize is? 5,000.00 forever!

  2. Carla Antee says:

    Hello I would love to take advantage of this Golden Opportunity to win a Superprize

  3. 4900-3814. Prize 10,000,000 super-prize 3550

  4. AlvinPearson says:

    hi my name is Alvin Pearson I’m trying to openmy foundation is called the piercings Foundation is to help inner city kids get off the streets I have been trying to start this foundation for the last 5 years it’s been a very hard struggle trying to get people to invest into my Foundation my foundation also helps with batter women programs help find homes feed the poor help us get back into schoolI come from the streets so I know how hard it is to try to leave the streets I tell kids all the time is easy to go to jail but its hard to live right but the harder it is to live right the better life will be for you and your family in the future all you need is somebody positive behind you and you can change the cycle not only for yourself but for those that surround you if somebody out there is listening please help me make my dream come true awesome people need is prayer guidance and a little help to make their dreams come true anything is possible with the love of God and help thanks for listening Mr Pearson

  5. Ruby Woo says:

    I will look forward to see the PCH car. It’s been 27 years waiting. And on that day, it would be a real blessing surprise. A dream come, not only be independence but able to help the needy.

  6. Melanie Bushorn says:

    Hello Dave, to have $5,000.00 a week for life would greatly be helping our family so much. We have been just barley getting by for 10 years now. Do we pay this now or do we get food to feed the family, pay a bill, to keep electric on or what. Its been a big struggle for way to long now! Jobs we put applications in and interviews with no luck. No far at all! Please help our family!

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