Who Will the Top Prize Winner Be?

Who will win the Gold?

The excitement is building; the final days of the competition are upon us; TV viewers are waiting anxiously; America is waiting to see WHO WILL WIN GOLD?

The gold medals in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver?

No! The top prize winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! I’m talking about some lucky person who entered our fabulous sweepstakes by mail or online and who will win the PCH SuperPrize and become a brand-new on February 25th. That prize is worth a lot of gold!

The PCH Prize Patrol will knock on someone’s door and present the “sur-prize” of a lifetime!

Will the lucky winner be you? If you entered before the February 16th deadline, it could be! Or you might be one of more than 200 other big cash winners that day.

While the deadline for the PCH SuperPrize to be awarded on February 25th is now past, there are always more prizes to be awarded — in the near future. Did you know that there are prize winners EVERY DAY at pch.com and at other PCH online properties, such as PCH Lotto? And you can enter our sweepstakes online every day, increasing your chances of winning one of our many fabulous cash sweepstakes prizes.

So don’t delay: click here to enter the PCH Sweepstakes at once!

And tune into PCHTV.com where you can watch the winning moment presentation of the giant PCH SuperPrize to the top prize winner right after it happens on February 25th.

Happy waiting and watching!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


114 thoughts on “Who Will the Top Prize Winner Be?”

  1. gary lohden says:

    what will I do if I win the big prize from PCH,,,,, ans. dont know, I thing ,i do know after i come too. is to stay up all night .trying to make myself believe I DID WIN IT. cause i would not believe it.. good luck to all that reg with PCH…thank Gary Lohden

  2. gary lohden says:

    PCH CHRISTMAS IN FEB COUNT DOWN WITH 25 DAYS TO GO, SOMEONE WILL BE PICK, I WISH THE BEST TO ALL THAT IN THE PCH DRAWING, i am trying for the win it myself ,i will be watching tv to see who is the lucky winner is, hope you will be watching me. good luck in if the good lord willing and the creek don;t rise, as Hank William would said, thank you all, Gary Lohden

  3. gary lohden says:

    PCH,can change people life, that right that money can go to your head, you can stand in front of a mirrow and watch people head swell up, spend every dollar till they are broke, some make good used of their winning, if you didn;t have it how can you miss it.make good of your dream and make it last your hole life. winning it would be the greatest dream, it help me do for people that need my help and my god find one that can realty put it to great used to help all. God Bess The New winner Of The PCH Drawing This Feb, 2015,

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