Honorary Member Joins Prize Patrol for PCH SuperPrize Award on February 25

A year and a half ago, the PCH Prize Patrol had the honor of presenting a $1 Million PCH SuperPrize to Natalie Bostelman of Ohio.

Now, I must admit that all of our Publishers Clearing House winners are happy and excited. But Natalie was one of the best! She screamed; she jumped up and down; she spread the good news of her win with extraordinary vitality and grace. She dramatically reduced her three-job work schedule and started planning her dream house – which is now complete.
PCH winner natalie bostelman

Natalie has become a goodwill ambassador for Publishers Clearing House and will be joining our Prize Patrol on February 25 as we surprise our new millionaire.

It has not yet been revealed where we will be going or who the new winner will be. That suspense only adds to the excitement. Some lucky person is going to be VERY happy that we knocked on their door – and even happier that they didn’t pay attention to the nay-sayers but chose to enter The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. No doubt, this winner’s attitude will be the same as Natalie’s back in 2008: “Someone has got to win! It might as well be me!”

In coming weeks you will be able to read what the winning and Prize Patrol experiences have been like for Natalie – right here on the PCH Blog. You can watch her winning moment on PCHTV.com and soon you’ll even be able to talk to her yourself on the PCH Facebook Fan Page!

In the meantime, be a positive thinker like Natalie and enter The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once! And remember: you can enter online every day to win our PCH SuperPrize, increasing your chances of winning a fabulous cash sweepstakes prize.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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