The Lottery Changed My Life – A TLC TV series

By now you have probably heard us say that we’re all about
winning here at PCH. On the PCH Blog we often share the stories of our recent
winners, the most recent being Marilyn Ragin from Miami, FL who won the $1Million SuperPrize from PCH. It’s no question that winning big or small prizes from PCH can change people’s lives in big ways. For example Stephanie Gornichec won the $1Million SuperPrize from PCH last August and was able to save her family’s home from foreclosure. Before that, Natalie Bostelman won the $1Million SuperPrize from PCH and was able to build her dream home with her husband.

As fans of these PCH winner stories, we thought you might be
interested in a TLC TV series called The Lottery Changed My Life. The series covers winners of big state lotteries and jackpots. They have also covered a few
Publishers Clearing House winners such as Doris Gray who won $5000 a week for
last year. It’s wonderful to see that people who win the big
prizes share the wealth with those in need. We’ve seen this from many
of our winners such as Doris Gray who first wanted to give her elementary
school students a party with the money that she won.

Of course we never get tired of the winning and hope you
feel the same way. So, the next time you finish entering the PCH Sweepstakes and are looking for something to watch on TV, turn
to TLC and see if you can catch an episode of the Lottery Changed My Life.


Frank @ PCH

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Jeff P said...

Ive seen these shows Some live a great life , some end up with nothing ?
Ide like to have that chance! To live the Great life. Ive got enough common sense not to waste it. Maybe through Publishers Clearing House one day i’ll have some good fortune?

connie Sandstrom said...

I want to know how I can redeem my tokens on PCH games
because everytime I try to redeem them it says I am not eligible because i am not a US citizen which is not true, i am a us citizen and have always been . Can you please fix this for me

Deborah Holland said...

To redeem tokens you may need to select a country of residence on your profile. While logged in to PCH Games, click “My Account”, then click on the blue “Info” tab. This will direct you to “My Basic Information”. Click on the “Edit” button beside this section, and select the United States as your country. Be sure to “Save Changes” when completed.

melinda vasquez said...

im glad someone els. see my point of view. giving back to our cummunity and enviroment is very important. all winners should value what they have bc it was a blessing. but dont forget to give back. there ar many ways like donating to a foundation or in your very town. frank your blog made me feel good about myself and my ways. as i told my friends and family who looked at me like i was crazy for saying that if i were to win alot of money my first thing is to take care of my family next my cummunity and just helping those in need. future winners of pch i ask you to carry out our mission as united we stand and help one another bc its up to us, the people to make a change! it takes one person to spread the word of hope but it takes many to make a change! i believe in hope, peace and justice!!!!! were all winners! be a winner give back

Natalie Bostelman said...

@ Melinda – Great point! I’ve always tried to do my best to help my community prior to the win. Even when I was struggling a bit and working three (yes, THREE – crazy, I know!) jobs, I always tried to give a bit back. Now I can help a little more.
I just donated some supplies to our local Humane Society a few weeks ago, and boy were they happy to get the items.
Giving is good for everyone involved. :)
~Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

melinda vasquez said...

Girl you know I’m going to say three jobs is CRAZY! But Natalie I’m sure you definitely deserved to have won the 2008 super prize. And hearings from you made me appreciate allot more things in life such as the love of my life, family and so much more. I’ve shared this blog with many of the locals who live in winter springs and you have inspired many of them to get up and give back. That even though you won the winnings, your still the bigger winner because you’re giving back. Thanks for informing everyone that it’s great to get involved and make a difference. America, pch users lets all get up and make a difference starting now! Let’s get our families involved and extend the word of hope throughout the world! :)

Bob Anderson said...

As a retired teacher,I am so proud of the winner who gave her students a party (small things come in big packages). Dedicated teaching and education is definitely not dead ! Many times during my 45 plus years of teaching and coaching, I had the same opportunities with my students, teams, families and fellow coaches to share a time of apprecation (though not always winning or performing up to the very highest of conformed standards, but we did the best we could. To me the kids were always the key and the top standard. They needed to be shown that personal love and appeciactin. Winning the “big PCH bucks” would have made those important times even betttr, for sure. but spending a few personal dollars made most kids, if not all, feel that, wow, “We did the best we could do,and Mr. A. or Coach A..) is proud os us! Thanks PCH, for the chance to speak on this wonderful, bit buck, winner. B. Anderson

Domenic corrado said...

Keep on doing what u guys at PCH do

Diane Staggs said...

If I was LUCKY enough to win… I’d give a LOT away to needy people and animals. :)