What is it Like for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner – 48 Hours Later?

It’s my custom to give every Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner a phone call a day or two after his or her winning moment – just to see how they are doing. I mean, when such a life-changing event occurs, wouldn’t you want to check in? Like when there’s a “blessed event” in the family? Or something major like that?

Well, Marilyn Ragin’s Million Dollar SuperPrize wasn’t a “blessed event” in the birth-giving sense; but she couldn’t help saying, “This is some blessing!”

PCH Million Dollar Winner Ragin

Marilyn was tremendously grateful for the surprise visit of the PCH Prize Patrol. We had already given her a check for $25,000 (“to show you we’re serious” we said), and it had been promptly deposited in the bank.

PCH SuperPrize Winner M Ragin

Because so many winners have told me they had trouble sleeping that first night – afraid that they might wake up and find that the dream had not really come true, I asked Marilyn: “How did you sleep?”

“Not too bad,” she told me. Maybe a new sense of financial security helped her sleep, I thought. “But of course there’s still a lot of excitement,” she added.

I asked her if she had done anything special yet – like a big night out or a madcap purchase.

“Not yet,” Marilyn replied, laughing. “I’m still trying to get my head around it! I’ve gotten loads of calls from friends expressing lots of good wishes. And they all say the same thing: ‘Now that I know someone who won, NOW I believe it! I won’t throw those things out anymore!’”

“That’s what everyone says,” I told Marilyn. “There’s nothing like meeting a real Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner to prove that it can happen to anyone!”

You may not have met Marilyn like I did; but I can assure you that she is a real person. And if she can win, YOU can win.

Our next Million Dollar SuperPrize is only months away, so why not enter the PCH Sweepstakes today? In fact, our rules allow you to fill out an online contest entry every day at pch.com, giving you more chances to win. Plus, at PCH, there are cash prizes every day!

So don’t delay.

Sleep tight, sweet dreams, and good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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