PCH Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner Prefers Pizza Over Caviar

After the PCH Prize Patrol surprised Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner Natalie Bostelman at work, her sister-in-law called up to ask if she still wanted pizza for dinner. In an interview featured in About.com, Natalie said even though her sister-in-law thought maybe the new millionaire would want caviar now, she preferred pizza instead!

Since that big Million Dollar SuperPrize winning moment in 2008, many things have changed in Natalie’s life, even if her taste for pizza hasn’t. She and her husband were able to pay off some debts, build their dream home, and establish savings and investments with their cash sweepstakes windfall. “Overall, it was a really positive experience,” she said.

Now, as the first PCH Goodwill Ambassador, Natalie gets to tell a lot of people about her winning experience and to relive the thrill of a PCH winning moment every time she joins the Prize Patrol to award a Big Check to some new, unsuspecting cash sweepstakes winner.

Read Natalie’s interview in an article entitled “Meet Natalie Bostelman, Million Dollar Winner and PCH Ambassador.”

PCH winner natalie bostelman

Watch Natalie’s Million Dollar SuperPrize winning moment plus see her in action as our new PCH Ambassador at PCHTV.com.

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Deborah Holland

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