Changes to the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page

This week we are making some changes to the Publishers
Clearing House Facebook fan page
that we think will improve the experience for
everyone. A few weeks ago our customer service team, including Chris, Rebecca
and Jeremiah, started working with me (Frank) to improve the response time to
your questions on the Facebook Fan page wall. I’m sure you have seen a significant
improvement but we think it can be better!

To make the fan page better, we are now asking you all to
use the Discussions Tab on our fan page to ask questions and start new
conversation topics. You can find that by clicking on the “Discussions” tab on the Fan Page.

How will this change make the PCH Fan Page better?

This change will help our customer service team organize
question topics and help you find answers to your questions faster. You will
also see all the previous Fan questions and answers related to a topic in one place.

Another benefit is the current Publishers Clearing House
posts will stay at the top of the list allowing you all to see our latest
updates on new ways to play and win with Publishers Clearing House. You will
still be able to “Like” and respond directly to our posts as you have in the past.

Hope you like it! Let us know!


Frank @ PCH

PCH Community

47 thoughts on “Changes to the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page”

  1. carolinejinks says:

    well PCH I go to most of all your fan page but there are so many of them and I just love them all but I wish I could win on one of them maybe if I search for the right things or search at the right time I could win because I have been searching my hardest to win the 5,000.00 aweek forever on Feb 27th from gwy no 3080 but who know I just maybe have already won but I wouldn’t know if I have won until you guys knock on my door

  2. alexandria says:

    I am a pch super fan always and for ever.

  3. shana Haran says:

    Love it except i havent won : T

  4. Joyce Lynch says:

    Why can I not get on pch prize central on my phone??? ? My computer is currently in disrepair and I am retired and on a fixed income.So until I can get it repaired I am playing pch on my phone.Help pch prize central was one of the game sites I was using!!!

  5. chris Holley says:

    My comments u wont even post ….supersearcher of PCh history & ignored

  6. chris Holley says:

    Why say Iam super searcher of all PCh history,if its something u tell millions ? & yet brag on others and no mention of my name ??? Does my being the greatest searcher of all PCh history& being superbroke,and yet have never won anything or even so PCh as a cent???? (What does that say to Ur fans PCh???)do they here the sameto????(and read this & realize,your blowing smoke or is it even possible to win)????

  7. chris Holley says:

    PCh ,I have showed ya no one makes PCh,anymore a part of there every morning ,noon & night apart of their life more than I,you tell me constantly,unless u telling everyone the same,& my name wasn’t mentioned in at all ,much less first,being the greatest supersearcher of PCh history ,constantly through the yrs. And just today you said the same, (I’m confused) and have never won a cent??? Does ya words mean anything at all???? Or do they make it know that it is a fact& reconize the history maker of searches above all the others & show it is real& possible to win a historical win,if not what kinda statement does this make to all Ur other fans ???

    1. Andrea says:

      I also have been with pch for 11 years and haven’t won anything yet I feel very hopeful though that this is my tear IM a mother of two small children under two yrs of age

  8. Mr.Steve Adams says:

    ***Y’all Need To Make Everything On The PCH FB Page/ Super Fan Site Mobile Device Accessible, For All The Fans, Who Are Busy, On The Go, And Who Use Mobile Devices!!! Sincerely Yours, Mr.Steve Adams In Waianae, Hawaii. ;(()

  9. Mr.Steve Adams says:

    ****Y’all Need To Make Everything Mobile Device Accessible For Super Fans With Mobile Devices – On The Go, And For Busy Fans!!! Sincerely, Mr.Steve Adams PCH

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