PCH Prize Patrol: Bringing You Reality TV at its Best

Do you watch reality TV? I do! In fact, American Idol is on my must-watch list!

As a new crop of hopeful superstars hits the stage each season, I quickly find myself putting my heart and soul into rooting for my favorites! But, let’s face it, they’re all pretty great – and a lot more talented than I’ll ever be!

I know it’s silly, but I’m usually a little sad as another contestant bids a tearful goodbye each week. But, for the remaining “Idols” it gets even more thrilling as they’re that much closer to a $1 Million recording contract!
But what about the good folks of America who can’t sing? How can they win $1 Million?

Thank goodness for Publishers Clearing House! You could win a $1 Million SuperPrize® – even if you can’t carry a tune!

If you’ve ever seen our television commercials, you’ve seen real footage of real people from all walks of life shouting with joy as the PCH Prize Patrol makes them PCH Millionaires – now that’s what I call reality TV at its finest!

Want your shot at $ 1 Million? You don’t have to be able to sing on key or play guitar. All you have to do for your chance to win is enter at www.pch.com! So why not get started now?

Good luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative Department

10 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol: Bringing You Reality TV at its Best”

  1. carlamantee says:

    Wonderful I’m the Reality Star Carla

  2. I would Sing dance & shout when I Win that’s What people Do sing when they are Happy !!!!

  3. Tammy Rhoda says:

    You bring it to our home prize patrol. you and America. will. see reality on TV at its best.so I have. said this before Come. On Bring it Home!

  4. Jeff P says:

    Who says PCH Winners can’t sing? Make me a winner and tell me what you wanna hear !

  5. Jeff P says:

    PCH Computer read Randomly Pick Jeff lol

  6. Martha Lopez says:

    I really hope to see Mr.Dave Sayer and PCH workers at my door. And hey, if it doesn’t happen I will not lose hope that maybe just one day I will see them at my door.Until then I would like to congrat all winners. God bless all PCH fans and PCH workers. May peace and grace follow everyone. Have a bless day everyone. Smile :)

  7. Jeff P says:

    Make it REAl Bring it to my Home, work , PCH

  8. Jeff P says:

    Want my shot at $ 1 Million?

  9. useme gail says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh i would of did anything man never any fun for me. guess i will have to enter at pch search boo hoo

  10. terry russ says:

    waiting for the pch van to come to niles michigan crossing toes and fingers lol

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