Play PCH: The Steinway of Sweepstakes

I’m in the market for a new (maybe “pre-owned”) piano. Almost every knowledgeable person I’ve spoken to on the subject says, “There’s nothing like a Steinway.” Based on my experience over many years of “tickling the ivories,” I think they are right.


That’s the way it is with sweepstakes too. Indeed, Publishers Clearing House is “the Steinway of Sweepstakes.” Over the years many sweepstakes have come and gone; but good ol’ PCH keeps rolling out contests and sweepstakes, one after another, giving away more and more millions in prize awards to lucky prize winners all over the USA.

PCH started in 1953 as a direct mail seller of magazine subscriptions. In 1967 sweepstakes contests were added to the mailings to draw more attention to the company’s “unbeatable” deals. In 1974, TV advertising was added to draw even more attention to the mailings. Then in 1985 the company broadened its product offerings to include all kinds of merchandise – from books and videos to household items to collectibles, As Seen on TV items and more. In 1988, “in-person” Big Check deliveries began with televised visits by the PCH Prize Patrol. In recent years a network of website properties has provided new generations of customers and prospects with more opportunities to explore our product offerings and more ways to play and win.

The company’s founders established charitable trusts which year after year pour over 40% of PCH profits into causes ranging from the arts to social services to the environment. With this generosity has come a lasting commitment to customer satisfaction and contest integrity – all combining to mean that Publishers Clearing House is a name you can trust – just as a pianist trusts a Steinway.

So enter our contests and sweepstakes to play and win at PCH! Do it all through links at And enjoy!

Musically yours,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Awe! I missed this blog, likely because I don’t own my own computer, but I have been blessed with 3 difference keyboards given to me casio, Kurzweil, and Wurlitzer. I’d go into more details about my background, shortcomings story, miraculous turnarounds, struggling quest for restoration in life, and my dream should I win PCH Life Time Forever check. Hint: My versatile artistic background, community gift to community, and support of the community, and full-service one-of-a-kind Cultural Arts Center. Nice to know about you Dave. Bless you, your family, PCH and life time of dreams that continue for us all – because they never end…

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