Even if the Recession is Over, Wouldn’t You Like to Win Millions From PCH?

As the Dow Jones average dances around the 11,000 mark and other signs of recovery appear, some financial pundits are ready to declare that the recession is coming to an end. Whether it is technically over or not, most folks will feel the effects of the soured economy for years to come. So I’ll go out on a limb and bet that YOU would still welcome a big infusion of cash into YOUR bank account.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Publishers Clearing House has made thousands of people happy with huge cash prizes that have totaled hundreds of millions of dollars.

Just think what a Big Check delivered by the PCH Prize Patrol could mean to you! First you could pay off your bills. (That’s what almost every winner does the very next day!) Then you could put some money aside for some financial security. Then you could start enjoying yourself – maybe with a fantastic vacation, or a new car, or a new wardrobe, or a makeover for your house (if you haven’t bought a new house!). Whatever you do, I’m sure you will enjoy the rewards of entering and winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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All of my colleagues at Publishers Clearing House join me in wanting to make YOU a winner!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Jeff P says:

    I except the good luck from you Natalie !!

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