PCH Prize Patrol Stops at a Local Florist

When the PCH Prize Patrol goes on the road to a surprise a cash prize winner, they usually stop at a local florist to buy a dozen roses before the big winning moment. From time to time in our PCH mailings and PCH online promotions, we tell folks about this, to give them a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

This week one of our PCH Blog readers asked about these local florist PCH promotions and I thought you might be interested in hearing the answers, too.

Where do we get the names of the local florists? The information is all publicly available, and is collected and made available to us by a recognized list compiler.

Do we get permission from the businesses? We have a program in place to notify the florists ahead of time and give them a chance to opt out of the promotion if they do not wish to have the names of their businesses appear in the PCH promotions. Most local florists are not only willing to go along with the PCH promotions, but they are very excited to be part of the prize award action if the PCH Prize Patrol comes to their town for a surprise cash sweepstakes award.

Dozen roses HJ Florist

How do we match the name of your local florist to you in our promotions? We program the computer to match the zip codes of the florists with the zip codes of PCH customers, so the geographically correct information can be automatically filled in on the promotions.

Will the PCH Prize Patrol stop at the local florist mentioned in our promotions if you win? The PCH Prize Patrol makes every practical attempt to go to the florist talked about in our promotions prior to prize awards. Usually it works out; but, sometimes the florist ends up being too far away from the actual winner’s location, or the florist is closed and we’re not able to use them, or some other glitch occurs. In any event, the PCH Prize Patrol finds a local florist to make a beautiful bouquet of roses to present to the PCH winner along with balloons, champagne and the Big Check, so the surprise winning moment will be memorable for the PCH cash sweepstakes winner.

We’ve heard from many prize winners that the bouquet of roses made their winning moment extra special, and we’ve heard from some entrants that they like to imagine what it would be like to be given the “royal treatment” with a huge bouquet of roses along with the Big Check, if they win the PCH cash sweepstakes.

So, what do you think? Let us know if you would like a big beautiful bouquet of roses from your local florist to go with your Big Check if you’re our next lucky big cash prize winner!

Hoping to hear from you,

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President


30 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Stops at a Local Florist”

  1. Beverly Burnett says:

    Still praying. Been down a week again from rattlesnake bite unable to even put my entries in. Would love to win the big prize with roses and champagne. God Bless all.

  2. I have a question why do you include flower shopa in your email invites that do not exist anymore?

  3. Yellow Roses are my favorite.

  4. Jgdkhf says:

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  5. Liberty says:

    It’s a plersuae to find someone who can think so clearly

  6. Denise Thomson says:

    Cannot wait until I see the PCH Prize Patrol at my door with flowers and the check! So looking forward to meeting Danielle, Todd and Dave in person! See you soon!

  7. Denise Thomson says:

    Tomorrow is the day we meet at 430 Temple Ave. I will make sure I am at home, so I get to great all of you. Again, safe travel!

  8. Denise Thomson says:

    Yes, Dave, Todd, and Danielle, I am ready to meet you and greet you and accept the amazing prize you have in store for me!

    And, as you will see, I love roses! :-)

    See you tomorrow!

  9. Denise Thomson says:

    ENTER: Can’t wait to welcome all of you at 430 Temple Ave. Looking forward to thanking you in person.
    Happy and blessed Easter to all of you!

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