Rubbing The PCH Prize Patrol Van For Good Luck!

On a recent PCH Prize Patrol trip in Southwest Michigan, we made someone other than our winner very excited! My partner Jack and I pulled the Prize Patrol van into a liquor store parking lot so we could pick up some last-minute champagne for the winner we were about to surprise. (Buying locally not only helps the local economy wherever we go; it’s also a lot easier than lugging the champagne in our suitcases!)

There were two of us Prize Patrol Deputies standing in line behind a woman buying lottery tickets. We listened patiently next to her as she told the cashier of her worries that the plant she worked at would soon close. We were wearing our official Prize Patrol jackets and buying champagne around 11 AM on a weekday, but she didn’t seem to notice us standing there. She left the store as we began paying for our champagne, but seconds later she burst back through the door having seen the Prize Patrol van parked outside next to her car. “Are you looking for me???” she yelled at us excitedly with a big smile and waving her company ID nametag.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t our prize winner that day, but we encouraged her to keep entering the PCH Sweepstakes. She asked us if she could rub the Prize Patrol van for good luck and we of course encouraged her to—we love meeting people like her while we’re out on the road! We can’t promise that rubbing the Prize Patrol van will help her luck, but it sure won’t hurt!

SeanBrennan PCH Prize Patrol

Tell us – what would your reaction be if you saw the PCH Prize Patrol van parked in your local shopping center? Would you rub it for good luck?

Sean B.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

141 thoughts on “Rubbing The PCH Prize Patrol Van For Good Luck!”

  1. richard batemon says:

    If I could see the pch van in a parking lot I would pray that my dream came true and I finally get out of financial debt and be able leave a legacy behind for my family and someone else. God is so wonderful!!!!!

  2. Rosa Haywood says:

    God is always good all the time. That’s why I never know when I get my blessings in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!

  3. richard batemon says:

    today I was going to the store and i realize that I left my money home so I turn around to go and get it. When I pull in the driveway it was laying right on the ground. You tell me that god is not good well you are wrong because he look out for his people. That’s way I know if I keep on being persistent one day it well pay off and I will win the next pch drawing.

  4. Sandra Delgadillo says:

    Hi guys😀

  5. richard batemon says:

    Today was a sad day for me because I really want to win this one because . I so many bills that are past due and all these bills collector. Are as for some money but I am not going to give up yet I believe I still have a chance to be one of the people who can win .

  6. Richard Batemon says:

    As the time go by I hope the pch Van is coming to my house in Dothan , al to see me n my family tomorrow

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