A Winner Hopeful Asks: Am I Eligible for a PCH Sweepstakes Entry?

At a recent social event I met someone with the same last name as mine. We joked about possibly being distantly related. Then, when he learned that I was the guy from Publishers Clearing House who leads the Prize Patrol to winners’ doors “as seen on TV,” his expression turned sober. He looked at me and asked, “Does this mean that I’m not eligible for a sweepstakes entry?”

I have a lot of family tree information going back a long way, and I was able to advise him a few days later that we are indeed related: “ninth cousins once removed” according to the Family Tree Maker program I have on my computer. It indicates that this man and I had the same great great great great great great great great grandfather. Hardly a member of my immediate family. He’s eligible to enter and win all right.

The point is: Don’t let the remote chance of your being ineligible stop you from entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Just click on over to pch.com where it’s easy to ENTER. You can also check the Official Rules just to make sure that you are eligible.

Of course, you have to enter by the contest deadline indicated. But we have so many contests that the deadlines roll around pretty frequently. So I’ll give you some really good advice: submit a PCH sweepstakes entry every day. Then you’ll always be sure that you have a valid entry — possibly multiple entries — in every contest. Make entering the PCH Sweepstakes at pch.com a part of your daily routine, and you will increase your chances of winning AND receiving a surprise visit from me and the PCH Prize Patrol!

Speaking of daily routines: I’ll bet that you conduct at least one online search a day. So check out PCH Search & Win, a handy and potentially very lucrative way to find what you are looking for.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


51 thoughts on “A Winner Hopeful Asks: Am I Eligible for a PCH Sweepstakes Entry?”

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  2. Catherine says:

    I am in a pch search entry and it keeps creating an entry into the pch database. Are multiple entries vaid. The site tells me not to ‘x’ out. I am really confused about multiple entries as the rules state that multiple entries for searching in the same day are not eligible…. Will this keep me from winning….

    1. Sara Davis says:

      Same thing I said . I’d like to know is multiple entries elegible or inelgible to win.

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    Thank you sharing

  4. Today I have commented several time and this one is of general comment to pass the limited time for all comments.

    I again, Thanks!! to the Judges in making the decision selecting the WINNER ,Contest Processors, Affiliates and most of all the PCH Staff working with Official Procedures to select the WINNER. Lastly, I will continue prayers for the PRIZE Patrols to deliver the awards safely to the WINNER and return to New York with Protection of the Holy Father.

    I have dedicated may hours to submit my completion as required to be selected the WINNER.


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