PCH Contests and Sweepstakes: To Enter — Or Not To Enter?

You can’t win at PCH unless you do!

“To be, or not to be: that is the question,” says Prince Hamlet in Shakespeare’s immortal play.

Well, in Publishers Clearing House parlance, I’d express it this way: “Do you want to win – or don’t you?”

If you want to win contests and sweepstakes, you must enter the sweepstakes!

Hamlet might add, “Ay, there’s the rub.”

But listen to me, Hal: there’s really nothing to it. These days a simple CLICK on this link to pch.com will get you started with an online sweepstakes entry.

And here’s something else for you to consider: More and more of our contests and sweepstakes winners – including Publishers Clearing House winners of our Million Dollar SuperPrizes – are entering online at pch.com. Just like you can.

But wait — there’s even more. Our pch.com website is just one of Publishers Clearing House’s growing network of online properties. You can entertain yourself with free online game at PCH Games, win instant prizes and play the daily drawing in the free online lotto at PCHLotto.com, conduct an online search at PCH Search & Win, see exciting PCH winning moments at PCHTV.com, check out our magazine deals and great values on merchandise at pch.com, and – of course – read stories written by PCH’ers like myself right here at our PCH Blog.

“To sleep …dream … perchance” to win PCH Sweepstakes: WOW! Believe me, a PCH Prize Patrol visit would cheer up even a melancholy prince like Hamlet.

So enter! Sweet dreams! And good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


27 thoughts on “PCH Contests and Sweepstakes: To Enter — Or Not To Enter?”

  1. grandhustlesown@gmail.com says:

    Pch Gwy No. 4900 & Surprize Gwy No. 4950 & Superprize Gwy No. 1830

  2. grandhustlesown@gmail.com says:

    Im claiming my

  3. im all in for the big wen…?

  4. my whole life would change kitty

  5. Im in it to wen it ?? thank you pch….The Red Rocker

  6. Robert Campbell says:

    Hi. While I would love to win PCH contests and everything, I’m a bit concerned about my privacy. I understand when you win a big prize, you get on tv, just like the lottery, but if that happens, you’ll get all this mail and all these people will be asking for your money. Is there a way you can do it so we (the winners) won’t have to put our safety and privacy at risk?

  7. DEBBIE says:

    thanks for giving a chance to win, could really use it.

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